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Ultimate Kosher Pesach Restaurant List 2023 – Open Chol Hamoed Passover


As Pesach approaches, the number one question we get asked is what restaurants will be open over Chol Hamoed. It makes a lot of sense. With so many days of yuntif that include many home-cooked meals and cooking for crowds, it makes sense that Chol Hamoed offers a much-needed rest from the kitchen. Below is a global list of restaurants that will be open over Chol Hamoed which will be continuously updated as the holiday approaches. As always, if we missed any restaurants, please let us know.

The same rules apply to what I state every year, so I will repeat it:

Before diving into the list below, please note the following:

  1. We will be continuously updating this list through the first days of chol hamoed (obviously not on chag), so check back and refresh this page.
  2. If you use an ad-blocker, we ask you kindly to turn it off for our website. Just allowing ads to appear will allow us to earn revenue for our hard work compiling information for you.
  3. All restaurants are kitniyot-free (outside of Israel), unless stated otherwise. This may not be the case in France and Queens, NY, so double-check with each restaurant.
  4. It is highly advisable to call in advance to verify the hours of operation as well as make a reservation (if possible), as many of these restaurants will be in high demand!
  5. The following list is not a recommendation of the restaurant or its kosher certification.
  6. Restaurants do not pay to be listed here. We will list any kosher restaurant that is open for Pesach Chol Hamoed in the world. Notice anything missing from this list? Email us at info [at] yeahthatskosher [dot] com
  7. For those traveling for the chag, here are halachic Yom Tov guidelines for hotel guests. Click to read more.
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Glazed Gluten Free PatisserieMelbourneVicAustralia
BSTRO MontrealMontrealCanada
Chlew (Chaptal Levallois)ParisFranceKitniyot
Chlew (Victor Hugo)ParisFranceKitniyot
Chlew (Gallieni)ParisFrance Kitniyot
Japan EatParisFranceKitniyot
Le ManhattanParisFranceKitniyot
Vicky by PacoParisFranceKitniyot
Captain BurgerAfulaIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryAshdodIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Cafe Gan SipurAshdodIsraelKitniyot
Agvania PizzaAshkelonIsraelKitniyot
Papa John’sAshkelonIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryBeer ShevaIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeBeer ShevaIsraelKitniyot
Pasta BastaBeer ShevaIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryBeer YaakovIsraelNon-Kitniyot
AtzaBeit SheanIsraelKitniyot
Hummus EliyahuBeit SheanIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryBeit ShemeshIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Tishbi WineryBinyaminaIsraelKitniyot
BiscottiBnei BrakIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Rotisserie Chicken ClubBnei DrorIsraelKitniyot
Aresto RestaurantCaesariaIsraelKitniyot
Port CafeCaesariaIsraelKitniyot
Pasta BastaChashmonaimIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeDead SeaIsraelKitniyot
Hummus EliyahuDead SeaIsraelKitniyot
Ranch HouseDead SeaIsrael
Greg CafeDimonaIsraelKitniyot
Captain BurgerEilatIsraelKitniyot
Meatos Grill & BarEilatIsraelKitniyot
Pasta BastaEilatIsraelKitniyot
Ranch HouseEilatIsraelKitniyot
Shipudei TziporaEilatIsraelKitniyot
AtzaEven YehudaIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryGederaIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryHaderaIsraelKitniyot
Captain BurgerHaderaIsraelKitniyot
Hummus EliyahuHaderaIsraelKitniyot
Agvania PizzaHaifaIsraelKitniyot
Hummus BardichevHaifaIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeHarishIsraelKitniyot
Ben AmiHerzliyaIsraelKitniyot
Bistro 56HerzliyaIsraelKitniyot
Herbert SamuelHerzliyaIsraelNon-Kitniyot
BigaHod HaSharonIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeHod HaSharonIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryIr YaminIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeIr YaminIsraelKitniyot
Ben AmiJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Berlin BurgerJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Black IronJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Cafe Gan SipurJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Cafe RimonJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Captain BurgerJerusalemIsraelKitniyot
Focaccia MoshavaJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Greg Cafe (Mamilla)JerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Happy FishJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Hummus EliyahuJerusalemIsraelKitniyot
King’s Court at the WaldorfJerusalemIsrael
Machane AsadaJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Palace Restaurant at the WaldorfJerusalemIsrael
Pasta BastaJerusalemIsraelKitniyot
Rooftop Restaurant MamillaJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Villa Brown HotelJerusalemIsraelKitniyot
Waffle Factory (Cinema City)JerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Pasta BastaKadima ZoranIsraelKitniyot
HacnaaitKfar AdumimIsraelKitniyot
BigaKfar SabaIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryKfar SabaIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Greg CafeKfar SabaIsraelKitniyot
LandwerKfar SabaIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeKfar TavorIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryKfar YonaIsraelNon-Kitniyot
IskanderKibbutz GadotIsraelNon-Kitniyot
HabokrimKibbutz Merom HaGolanIsraelKitniyot
Yotvata InnKibbutz YotvataIsraelKitniyot
BigaKiryat AtaIsraelKitniyot
BigaKiryat BialikIsraelKitniyot
AtzaKiryat ChaimIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryKiryat GatIsraelKitniyot
AtzaKiryat MalachiIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeKiryat MalachiIsraelKitniyot
AtzaKiryat ShmonaIsraelKitniyot
LucianaMaale AdumimIsrael
Pasta BastaMevaseret ZionIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryModiinIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Papa John’sModiinIsraelKitniyot
Pasta BastaModiinIsraelKitniyot
300 gramMoshav BetzetIsraelKitniyot
SpaceMoshav EmunimIsraelKitniyot
AgrocafeMoshav SrigimIsraelKitniyot
Beef Bar Steak HouseNetanyaIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryNetanyaIsraelNon-Kitniyot
El GauchoNetanyaIsraelKitniyot
Hanan HagabanNetanyaIsraelKitniyot
Maree Sky LoungeNetanyaIsraelKitniyot
Pasta BastaNetanyaIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeNetivotIsraelKitniyot
Biga MeatNof HaGalilIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryNof HaGalilIsraelKitniyot
Ben AmiOr AkivaIsraelKitniyot
AtzaPetach TikvaIsraelKitniyot
BiscottiPetach TikvaIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Bleecker BakeryPetach TikvaIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafePetach TikvaIsraelKitniyot
KansaiPetach TikvaIsraelKitniyot
LandwerPetach TikvaIsraelKitniyot
MexicanaPetach TikvaIsraelKitniyot
MosesPetach TikvaIsraelKitniyot
Nini ChooPetach TikvaIsraelKitniyot
Papa John’sPetach TikvaIsraelKitniyot
Rotisserie Chicken ClubPetach TikvaIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryRaananaIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Cafe NetoRaananaIsraelNon-Kitniyot
BigaRamat GanIsraelKitniyot
Bleecker BakeryRamat GanIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Hummus EliyahuRamat GanIsraelKitniyot
Pasta BastaRamat GanIsraelKitniyot
Agvania PizzaRamlaIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeRamlaIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeRehovotIsraelKitniyot
Pasta BastaRehovotIsraelKitniyot
Captain BurgerReutIsraelKitniyot
BigaRishon LetzionIsraelKitniyot
BurgerimRishon LetzionIsraelKitniyot
EventosRishon LetzionIsraelKitniyot
Hummus EliyahuRishon LetzionIsraelKitniyot
LandwerRishon LetzionIsraelKitniyot
Shipudei TziporaRishon LetzionIsraelKitniyot
AtzaRosh PinaIsraelKitniyot
KojiRosh PinaIsraelKitniyot
Mizpe Hayamim RestaurantRosh PinaIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeSderotIsraelKitniyot
Agvania PizzaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
AlohaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Amit Barkat PatisserieTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
AtzaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Ben AmiTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
BigaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Ca Phe HanoiTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
ChumaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
CoompaniyaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
DaryaTel AvivIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Dosa BarTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
DvoraTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Flamingo by Brown Beach HouseTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
GoshenTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Hummus EliyahuTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
KansaiTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
La LasagnaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
LandwerTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Lighthouse 5th FloorTel AvivIsraelNon-Kitniyot
MexicanaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Mifgash HaSteakTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
MooshooTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Nini HachiTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
PankinaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Pasta BastaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Pita DizengoffTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
PoupeeTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Rachel BasderaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
RashelTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Rotisserie Chicken ClubTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
SereiaTel AvivIsrael
ShpachtelTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Surfside Seaview RestaurantTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Sushi Bar BazelTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
TandoorTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Tasting RoomTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
The CommonTel AvivIsrael
West SideTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Wok to WalkTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
YakimonoTel AvivIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Zota PizzaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeTiberiasIsraelKitniyot
Hummus EliyahuTzemach JunctionIsraelKitniyot
Cafe LyonYavnehIsraelKitniyot
Greg CafeYokneamIsraelKitniyot
TandukaYokneam HaMoshavaIsraelKitniyot
BaronitaZichron YaakovIsraelKitniyot
Boulangerie ZichronZichron YaakovIsraelKitniyot
Casa BaroneZichron YaakovIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Hameyasdim16Zichron YaakovIsraelKitniyot
Tishbi BBQ GarageZichron YaakovIsraelKitniyot
Kosher HotspotCancunMexico
La FinkaPanama CityPanamanon-Kitniyot
Tony Page at the Island GrillLancaster GateEngUK
Sami’sGolders Green EngUK
Char BarWashingtonDCUSA
Acai BrazilAventuraFLUSA
Jus by JulieAventuraFLUSA
Milk Gone NutsAventuraFLUSA
Passover Asado (pop-up)AventuraFLUSA
Passover by Lev Cuisine @ HiltonAventuraFLUSAYes
OVOBay Harbour IslandFLUSAHotel guests only
Acai Brazil HollywoodFLUSA
Fancy Plants Salad Co.HollywoodFLUSA
Pala Mediterranean KitchenHollywoodFLUSA
The CaveHollywoodFLUSA
Acai BrazilMiami BeachFLUSA
Glatt MiamiMiami BeachFLUSA
Grill HouseMiami BeachFLUSA
Jus by JulieMiami BeachFLUSA
Matana MiamiMiami BeachFLUSA
Pita LocaMiami BeachFLUSA
Wok on the Beach (China Beach)Miami BeachFLUSA
41 MiamiMiami BeachFLUSAYesChag only
Bubby’s Fish N ChipsNorth Miami BeachFLUSA
Le ChocolatierNorth Miami BeachFLUSA
Shalom HaifaNorth Miami BeachFLUSA
CU Catering @ Marco Polo ResortSunny IslesFLUSA
Trump International Beach ResortSunny IslesFLUSA
Meat BarSurfsideFLUSA
Ess In CompanyDetroitMIUSA
Chickies @ American Dream MallEast RutherfordNJUSAPop-up in Court A
PKS @ Maimonides Park (behind home plate)BrooklynNYUSA
Urban PopsBrooklynNYUSA
BerryliciousCedarhurst NYUSA
ColbehGreat NeckNYUSA
PaprikaGreat NeckNYUSA
EighteenNew YorkNYUSAYes
La BrochetteNew YorkNYUSA
Le MaraisNew YorkNYUSAYes
Talia’s SteakhouseNew YorkNYUSAYes
Annie’s KitchenQueensNYUSA
Cafe MuscatQueensNYUSA
Da MikelleQueensNYUSAKitniyot
Holy SchnitzelQueensNYUSA
PKS @ Citi Field (Sec 141)QueensNYUSA
Prestige RestaurantQueensNYUSAKitniyot
Anything missing? Email us at info [at] yeahthatskosher [dot] com

THIS LIST IS CONTINUOUSLY BEING UPDATED. Make sure you’re receiving emails from YeahThatsKosher to stay in the know.

List Credits: YeahThatsKosher community, Debbest Food, greatkosherrestaurants, @miamifoodyenta

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