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Teaneck Restaurants (Humble Toast & La Cucina Di Nava) Sold

The Humble Toast in Teaneck

Earlier this year, the hashgacha (RCBC) for two Teaneck, NJ restaurants (The Humble Toast and La Cucina Di Nava) announced they would not be renewing the kashrut for either restaurant due to the arrest of its owner. [More on that story here]

In order for those restaurants to remain kosher and serve the Jewish community of Bergen County, the restaurants needed to be sold, which they were this week. Today, the RCBC announced the sale and the new contract for kashrut services for both restaurants

The Humble Toast can be found at 1383 Queen Anne Rd. 

La Cucina Di Nava can be found at 192A West Englewood Ave. 

Both restaurants are in Teaneck, NJ and under the kosher supervision of the RCBC (local Vaad).

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