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Why I’m Still (Mostly) Boycotting Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s BDS-inspired boycott is half baked

What started last year as the activist ice cream maker’s attempt to fully divest its business from Israel, has taken some interesting turns this year.

Ben & Jerry’s, owned by conglomerate Unilever, has two Jewish owners as well as a board that have been critical of Israel, hyper focused on punishing the Jewish State in a way that sets a double standard against only Israel. In an interview last year with Axios on HBO, the founders admit that they disagree with many US policies, including specific policIes in states like Georgia and Texas, and yet still sell there, but one specific policy relating to Israel is what they’re taking action on.

Watch Axios Ben & Jerry interview here:

This week, Unilever, who as a parent company has disagreed with the Ben & Jerry’s board on Israel, found a loophole to sell off the Jewish-owned Israeli manufacturer of the ice cream (AQP) after they were sued by AQP’s ownership this past March. This will allow Ben & Jerry’s to be sold in Israel proper and the Palestinian controlled West Bank, made by Israelis. When I am next in Israel I will gladly support this business.

However, despite the parent company’s ruling, Ben & Jerry’s has come out against this action, stating that it is against their values.

It’s clear that the Ben & Jerry’s brand outside of Israel is still fervently anti-Israel and pro-BDS. It is for this reason I will continue to not purchase from this company, with one caveat.

The Ben & Jerry’s shop on the UWS of Manhattan is owned and operated by a very outspoken pro-Israel Jewish family that has disagreed with its parent company since the controversy began. They would be negatively affected by a boycott, and I’m happy to give them business and support. They are located at 2722 Broadway, New York, NY. Their ice cream is kosher under the Kof-K.

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