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[2 LISTS] Top Kosher Israeli and Mexican Restaurants in North America

Yom Haatzmaut and Cinco de Mayo fall on the same day this year – tomorrow, on Thursday May 5th. To get into the spirit of the two holidays, you might consider having a themed meal on Thursday. Keep reading to see a list of some of the top kosher Israeli and Mexican restaurants in North America.

And before you ask, we know that a lot of places serve Mexican or Israeli dishes. We tried to focus on the restaurants that specialize only in those cuisines for the lists below.

Note: The irony of the list below is that there aren’t many kosher Mexican restaurants in Mexico (and yes there are plenty of kosher restaurants in Mexico – here’s our kosher guide of the Riviera Maya region)


Mexican Kosher Restaurants in North America

El CarboncitoMexico CityCDMAMexico
Quesadillas AscencioMexico CityCDMAMexico
Lenny’s CasitaLos AngelesCAUSA
Tacos GingiSkokieILUSA
Jajaja MexicanNew YorkNYUSA
MexikosherNew YorkNYUSA

Israeli Kosher Restaurants in North America

Ba-Li LaffaTorontoONCanada
TamarMexico CityCDMXMexico
Charcoal Grill & BarLos AngelesCAUSA
Levy’s ShwarmaAventuraFLUSA
Hadekel1N. Miami BeachFLUSA
NununuSunny Isles BeachFLUSA
Al Ha’eshRockvilleMDUSA
Almah CafeBrooklynNYUSA
Falafel TanamiBrooklynNYUSA
Mama KitchenBrooklynNYUSA
Taste of AkkoBrooklyn NY USA
Famous PitaHewlettNYUSA
Golan HeightsNew YorkNYUSA
Nish NushNew YorkNYUSA
PaprikaNew YorkNYUSA
Rothschild TLVNew YorkNYUSA
Mama Kitchen QueensNYUSA
Mama Kitchen