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Easy Passover Prep with Kitchen Items from Amazon, OXO, and Rachael Ray

Whether this is your first time making Pesach or you are a long-time veteran, it’s always helpful to peruse the market for new products that make Pesach prep just a little bit easier. We’ve saved you some time by compiling a list of tools and gadgets that can easily be ordered via Amazon Prime and other retailers to arrive well before Pesach begins.

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  • Kitchen Shelf Liners
    • No need to bother with unruly parchment paper and painter’s tape anymore. These non-stick shelf liners come pre-cut in a variety of popular kitchen sizes. The liners can be used on both counters and in the fridge.
  • Egg Cooker
    • Eggs are surely one of the top 5 most consumed food items on Pesach. When you are making them so frequently, waiting for the water to boil is a pain, especially for large pots with many eggs in them. Egg cookers take away all of the hassles and make it easier than ever to enjoy hard, soft, poached eggs, and even omelets.
  • Mini Vacuum
    • This hand-held vacuum is great for getting in all of those nooks and crannies that have to be cleaned for Pesach. It’s great for the whole year too, for when you don’t feel like whipping out a big vacuum but the dustpan won’t quite cut it.
  • Menu Notepad
    • Much of the pre-Pesach anxiety is caused by menu planning. This notepad will help you organize your meals, both for Yuntif and Chol Hamoed, and includes a section for groceries to keep everything in one place. The menu is also magnetic which means that you can stick it to your fridge for easy access.
  • Plastic Drawers
    • Some years it just feels like too much to empty all of your chametz cabinets to replace them with K4P items. Consider taping up some of your chametz cabinets and invest in a set of plastic drawers that can become your cabinets for just this one week.
  • Kitchen in a Box
    • If you are looking to save on Pesach kitchen items, the Kitchen in a Box is perfect for you. It comes with most of the basics including pots, pans, sheet trays, and mixing bowls. Buy one for meat, one for dairy, supplement with some paper products and you’ll be good to go.
      • **While this covers the basics, you may need to purchase a few more items to fit your own unique needs.
  • Pre-Cut Foil Sheets
    • Pre-cut foil sheets are a great thing to have on hand for prep that gets done after Yuntif has already started. It saves you from remembering to pre-rip aluminum foil and lets you easily push off some cooking on Erev Yuntif.