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New York News

Vegan & Kosher ‘PLNT Burger’ Has Arrived in New York City

PLNT Burger is a popular DC-based kosher chain serving up Beyond Burgers from their fully vegan storefronts. The restaurant has just opened its first New York location, which can be found in the Union Square neighborhood.

The PLNT Burger menu offers vegan cheeseburgers loaded with fresh toppings, vegan Gardein chicken sandwiches, vegan chili, and even vegan ice cream. PLNT Burger is the perfect place to get that burger and shake combo you’ve always dreamed of.

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PLNT Burger is located at 139 4th Ave, New York, NY.
It is kosher certified by DC Kosher.

PLNT Burger has at least 7 kosher certified locations, mostly in the Washington, DC area