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[MASTER LIST] Kosher Restaurants in Paris, France

As travel slowly but surely continues to open up, now is a good time to consider which destinations have easy access to kosher food. While it is common knowledge that kosher options are available in Paris, it may be surprising to learn that the French capital is home to over 100 kosher restaurants, comparable to some major U.S cities.

The city of Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements (neighborhoods), and kosher restaurants can be found in about 3/4 of them. Located northeast of the Arc de Triomphe, The 17th arrondissement is home to a significant portion of the eaterie. This phenomenon can be attributed to the large Jewish population in the neighborhood that recently became home to The European Center for Judaism.

Also worth a visit is the 4th arrondissement, otherwise known as the Marais. The Marais is Paris’ oldest Jewish neighborhood; Jews have lived in the area since the 13th century. Stroll down the beautiful streets to see glimpse the many Jewish shops, restaurants, and shuls.

The restaurants in Paris are under a few different hashgachas which are noted on this list. As always, consult your LOR with any personal questions.

Without further ado, the below list includes all of the kosher Paris restaurants we are aware of, organized by Arrondissement (section of Paris). If we missed anything here, please let us know.

Chez Papy2ndFrench, Shabbat takeoutCha’are Hashalom Vehatsedek
Le Beverly2ndIsraeli, FrenchChabad
The Hills2ndItalianChabad
Chez Isaac3rdMiddle Eastern, AmericanBeth Din of Paris
Korcarz4thBakeryBeth Din of Paris
Kosher Pizza4thItalianRabbi Rottenberg
L’as du Fallafel4thMiddle EasternBeth Din of Paris
Le Vosges4thItalianBeth Din of Paris
Marceau Cafe6thFrenchBeth Din of Paris
Fumé8thAmerican, FrenchRav Pevzner – Chabad
Kavod8thFrenchBeth Din of Paris
L’Inté Cafe8thItalianBeth Din of Paris
Le XXV 8e8thFrench, Tea RoomBeth Din of Paris, Rav Katz
SoumSoum Miromesnil8thIsraeliChabad
By Ella9thIsraeli, AmericanChabad
Doron Ba Laila9thIsraeliRabbi Rottenberg
Douieb9thIsraeli, Shabbat takeoutBeth Din of Paris
Il Palazzo Opéra9thItalianBeth Din of Paris
Shen Thai9thAsian, Sushi, ThaiBeth Din of Paris
Pizza Tova Paris10thItalianChabad
Chicken Delice11thFrench, AmericanBeth Din of Paris
HBK Paris 11e11thAmericanChabad
Japan Eat11thChinese, JapaneseBeth Din of Paris
Le Manhattan11thFrench, Middle EasternBeth Din of Paris
Les Garçons Bouchers11thFrench, AmericanBeth Din of Paris
Lotus de Nissane11thChineseRabbi Rottenberg
Shinzzo 11e11thAsian, Sushi, ChineseBeth Din of Paris
SoumSoum Voltaire11thIsraeliChabad
Chez Victor Berbeche12thFrench, Shabbat takeoutCha’are Hashalom Vehatsedek
La Stella12thItalianBeth Din of Paris
Nonna Rita12thItalianChabad
Wang’s12thJapanese/ChineseBeth Din of Paris
David – Zapp’s13thItalianChabad
Le Capitaine13thAmerican, IsraeliChabad
Le Comptoir di Simon13thFrench, Shabbat takeoutChabad
Mazaline13thSandwiches (Meat)Beth Din of Paris
Bozen Iéna16thAsian, Sushi, AmericanBeth Din of Paris
Bozen Trocadéro16thAsian, Sushi, AmericanBeth Din of Paris
Chlew Deli Shop 16e16thFrench, AmericanBeth Din of Paris
Cosy Italia16thItalianChabad
Grill Bar Paris 16e16thAmerican, IsraeliChabad
L’aile ou la Cuisse16thFrenchBeth Din of Paris
La Villa K16thItalianChabad
Le 12016thFrenchBeth Din of Paris
Le XXV 16e16thFrench, Tea RoomBeth Din of Paris, Rav Katz
Shinzzo 16e16thAsian, Sushi, ChineseBeth Din of Paris
Studio 11716thItalianChabad
Maison GK16thFrenchBeth Din of Paris
Baba Cafe17thIsraeliRav Pevzner – Chabad
Bassar17thFrenchBeth Din of Paris, Chalak Beit Yosef
Benson Kfé17thFrench, AmericanBeth Din of Paris
Berbeche 17e17thFrench, Shabbat takeoutCha’are Hashalom Vehatsedek
Bozen Villiers17thAsian, Sushi, AmericanBeth Din of Paris
Burger Delight17thAmericanBeth Din of Paris
Darjeeling17thIndianRabbi Rottenberg
Dizengoff 17 by Night17thItalianRav Katz
Dizengoff Paris 17e17thItalianRav Katz
Doron17thIsraeliRabbi Rottenberg
Gabrielli17thItalianRabbi Rottenberg
Grill Bar Paris 17e17thAmerican, IsraeliChabad
HBK Paris 17e17thAmericanChabad
Il Nuovo17thItalianChabad
Kahn Paris17thFrenchBeth Din of Paris
Koben17thFrenchBeth Din of Paris
La Fille du Boucher17thFrenchCha’are Hashalom Vehatsedek
La Libanaise17thLebaneseRabbi Rottenberg
Le Safrane17thIndianBeth Din of Paris
Le Shine17thChinese, JapaneseChabad
Leolam Villiers17thJapanese, Shabbat takeoutBeth Din of Paris
Mimi Traiteur17thFrench, Shabbat takeoutRav Pevzner – Chabad
Missada Chinese Food17thChineseBeth Din of Paris
Safrane17thIndianRabbi Rottenberg
Sucheese17thJapanese, ItalianChabad
Sushizz17thJapaneseRav Katz
Tasty by Alli17thFrenchChabad
Vicky17thFrench, AmericanBeth Din of Paris
Jerry Levy17thFrench, Shabbat takeoutBeth Din of Paris
Allo Sarina19thMiddle EasternBeth Din of Paris
Aroma19thJapaneseRabbi Rottenberg
Aux Delices de Maxime19thBakeryBeth Din of Paris, Rav Katz
Canal Grill19thIsraeliRabbi Rottenberg
Chez Akol Pur Beurre19thSandwiches (Dairy)Beth Din of Paris, Rav Katz
La Maison de Doudou19thItalianRav Pevzner – Chabad
Les 4 arômes19thFrench, ItalianRav Pevzner – Chabad
Les Toqués19thFrenchRav Pevzner – Chabad
Little Italy19thJapanese, ItalianChabad
O’Woks Paris 19e19thChinese, JapaneseChabad
Papy Youda19thAmerican, IsraeliChabad
Patistory19thSandwiches (Meat), BakeryBeth Din of Paris
Saiko19thAsian, Sushi, ChineseBeth Din of Paris
Sareden19thFrenchRabbi Rottenberg
Sareden 19e Bio19thFrenchRabbi Rottenberg
Shinzzo 19e19thAsian, Sushi, ChineseBeth Din of Paris
Tavlini e Massala19thIndianRav Katz
TenBis by Al Haeche19thIsraeliChabad
Tibs’s19thJapanese, ItalianRav Katz
Toda l’Akel19thItalianChabad
La Fabri K Sandwich19thFrenchChabad
Chez Rene et Gabin20thIsraeliBeth Din of Paris
Kifolie20thIsraeliBeth Din of Paris

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