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8 Reasons Why Casino Resorts in Africa Do Not Serve Kosher Food – yet.

While there are several casino resorts in the United States with excellent kosher cuisine, you have far fewer options when traveling. South Africa is known for its many luxurious casino resorts and Johannesburg has many great kosher restaurants. However, none of South Africa’s top five land casinos, including the famous Montecasino in Johannesburg, have a kosher kitchen.

This may be changing as more people seeking healthier food in general turn to kosher food, but there are some reasons why a kosher kitchen is more than just serving healthy food. Kosher food is subject to stringent regulations and religious laws, making it difficult for a non-kosher restaurant to offer a kosher menu. We will look at eight of these reasons in this article;

Role Of Healthy Food For Brain Activity

Eating healthy food and drinking healthy beverages is key to achieve the best brain performances in terms of study results or work empowerment. How can you take your study or work to the next level without improving what you eat? You get the idea – food is like fuel for any engine, you have to provide your body and brain with the best food if you want to experience a healthier lifestyle while getting the best results from your brain activity.

Do you think that the latest casino gamblers who could win big were just lucky? It would be pretty worrying if Lady Luck decides to kiss only one out of thousands of gamblers, don’t you think? The most likely thing is that they eat healthy food which gives their brain the right amount of vitamins and minerals to perform so great. Of course, some basic training on the best new online casino is always a fundamental part of a casino winner’s journey to success. Today, you can easily access a digital casino online, learn how to play the games, and play from home as you were sitting at a real-world casino table like a pro.

We’re sure that you agree that eating healthy food has an essential role and a big impact on any of your brain performances, either it’s for a school exam or a live casino tournament online.

Getting Closer To Kosher Food

Many people think that kosher food is something similar to Italian food or Chinese food. The reality is that the concept of kosher is way larger than that. Kosher is an eating style made of 100% safe and healthy food. Just consider that the Hebrew word “kosher” actually means “fit”. So, kosher refers to any food that fits the laws of Jews, that is very strict about the way food is prepared.

Kosher food can’t be defined this way until it gets recognition by a rabbinic authority who controls and verifies that the food has been made through kosher-compliant methods of preparation. If you really want to improve the quality of the food that you eat, you should seriously consider trying some kosher food. Still on the fence? Get these kosher food facts to learn more about what is kosher food:

  1. Torah’s lawsmitzvot
    Every Jew should know that kosher makes up for 2.5% of the Torah’s laws like the “mitzvot” after the Exodus from Egypt. At least 30 mitzvot out of 613 refer to the laws about how to prepare and consume kosher food.
  2. Meats
    Not all kinds of meats can be kosher-friendly. In particular, only animals with split hooves and ruminants may be eaten. In other words, cows, sheep, goats, and deers can be consumed for their meats.
  3. Fish
    We find a few restrictions for sea creatures, as well. Kosher fish includes only fish that have fins and scales that are removable by hand, like salmon, whitefish, and tilapia.
  4. Birds
    There’s some confusion about what birds aren’t kosher and all the others. So, just to avoid taking it wrong, kosher-compliant Jews consume chickens, gooses, ducks, turkeys, and doves that are traditionally known to be kosher.
  5. Blood isn’t allowed
    When you cook meat, make sure to eliminate any trace of blood, which is forbidden for consumption. In fact, kosher meats are prepared through a complex process of blood draining, soaking, and salting, also known as “koshering”.
  6. Meat and milk are forbidden
    According to the Torah, meats must be consumed without milk. This requirement means that kosher food comes in 3 types: meat, dairy, and “parve” (food that is not meat neither dairy, like fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and eggs).
  7. Pure honeypure honey
    While certain insects can be kosher and others can’t be, pure honey is always considered to be kosher. However, bees aren’t kosher at all. Now, it’s pretty hard to tell you why bees aren’t kosher but pure honey is kosher. Just consider this to be the only exception about kosher!
  8. Fish and meat courses
    Since fish and meat belong to different genres of food, you must rinse your mouth and change your dish if you want to consume some fish after eating meat. In fact, in every kosher kitchen, there are two sets of dishes for this reason.

As a general rule of thumb, certifying agencies ensure you about 100% kosher-compliant food and safe methods of breeding or cultivation without the use of any polluting elements that have unhealthy effects on your body.

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