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New Kosher Restaurant in the Catskills: Mo’s Grill Upstate BBQ

As of this summer, Mo’s Grill will be open for business in upstate New York, serving the Catskills area, located in Woodridge.

Sandwich or plate dishes include schnitzel, baby chicken, grilled chicken, and steak. Other entrees on the menu are wings (sweet chili, BBQ, hot chili), burgers, hot dogs, and salads.

Hours of operation are Monday-Wednesday from 12:30pm-11:30pm, Thursday & Sunday from 12:30pm-2am, and Saturday night until 2am.

Mo’s Grill is certified by Rabbi Yechiel Babad.

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  • Mo’s Grill is in Woodridge, NY a few seconds away from the Center One Mall. It is actually not near Liberty or Swan Lake but closer to South Fallsburg/Woodbourne.

  • Kosher BBQ??? Fuck you! Where is your smoker?? You don’t have one!! You should be ashamed to call yourself a BBQ joint?? Where is your Brisket and Beef Ribs? Burnt Ends?? I guarantee you don’t know how to cook those items! A BBQ joint with no pork?!?!?! Again, fuck you for calling yourself a BBQ place!

    • I agree that without a smoker it’s not really barbecue. I guess you were not aware that it is a kosher establishment and pork just ain’t kosher. Also, watch your language. You kiss your kids goodnight with that mouth?

      • I am well aware of what kosher is…I worked the hotels for years…. BBQ shouldn’t be included in the name of this establishment….it’s an absolute insult to people who do real deal BBQ.

      • Would you like me to edit my post and take the language out?? Would your anus be a little less sore??

      • Because it’s infuriating to me…. If you’d like to see some real BBQ, go on Facebook and search Upstate BBQ….