Finding the Only Kosher Restaurant at the new Allenby Rothchild Market in Tel Aviv: Master Fish

Last updated: April 25, 2017

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At the beginning of 2017, the new Allenby Rothchild Market (aka Shuk Allenby Rothchild) in Tel Aviv had opened to the public. The idea behind the market was to, more or less, borrow the concept of the Sarona Market and move it to north Tel Aviv. The difference is, that in this market, there is only one kosher stall: Master Fish.

Master Fish is split to two: A fresh fish stand, and a fast food fish stall. You can pick the fish you want them to cook for you fresh off the ice!

The menu items offered at Master Fish are dishes like: Fish n Chips, Smoked Salmon with cream cheese and scrambled eggs, Fish Kebabs with rice and salad, and more. Whatever fresh fish is offered can be cooked, plated, and served with whatever sides they are offering that day.

Lots of fresh options, very fresh and very light.

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