New Kosher Deli Stand Open in Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market: Deli Fleishman

Last updated: February 7, 2017

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deli-fleishman-kosher-in-sarona-meat-restaurantA new Deli stand has opened up in Sarona market called Deli Fleishman. This is not their first location, rather this is an expansion of their operations from their original restaurant on a Herzl street, in central Tel Aviv.

Diners can get almost a half of pound of deli meat on one of three types of rolls: Sourdough, ciabatta or a Moroccan roll called ferena; condiments and as a side you get a baked potato and coleslaw, all for 42 shekels.

Also on the menu: hamburgers, rib eye steak, sirloin steak or a schnitzel sandwich. The flagship sandwich is the shredded beef sandwich, made from fresh beef cooked hot to order. There are vegetarian options as well, like a salad that’s served with ferena bread, roasted wild eggplant and tahini, a grated hard boiled egg all on top of a bed of lettuce and cut vegetables.


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