New Gourmet Kosher Restaurant Opening at Jerusalem’s Crowne Plaza Hotel

Last updated: April 13, 2016

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crownAfter months of restaurants closing down, a new “chef’s restaurant” is opening up in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jerusalem. The name of the restaurant is Aluma, and will be managed by one of Israel’s greatest chefs: Michael Katz. 

The restaurant has 180 seats with a private room and will serve a European style cuisine with hints from the Israeli kitchen. The restaurant is designed with a very modern flare, and the items on the menu match the decor. 

Dishes include a deconstructed lasanga with shallots and fresh peas, or fresh salmon wrapped in thin phyllo pastry accompanied by a red wine and mushroom reduction. As a gourmet restaurant the prices will tend to be on the higher side.
It’s nice to finally report about a new restaurant opening up in Jerusalem after so many that have shut down.

Kosher supervision under the  Rabbanut Yerushalayim


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