Prime KO in NYC is Becoming “Prime West”

Last updated: January 12, 2016

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prime ko logoNYC’s Prime Grill, run by The Prime Hospitality Group, announced this week that it is creating a second version of its restaurant, converting its Prime KO (Asian Fusion restaurant on the Upper West Side) into Prime West. This transformation will take place by the end of next week.

Additionally, Chef Edward Bourland, formerly of Paris’s esteemed Rafael (only kosher Michelin rated) restaurant, will be taking up a stint at Prime West at the end of January.

Prime Hospitality Group states that “Prime West will have an exciting menu, an innovative, updated sushi list and many new cuts of meat. The restaurant will offer an elegant, original twist on the signature kosher dining that people have come to know from The Prime Grill.”



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  • expat1observer

    I heard that Rafael’s closed, so it makes sense that hte chef capitalize a little on his reputation, but I am trying to translate the rest of the press release. Is it an upgrade? Time for renovation? Eliminating asian dishes that were not selling? It sounds as though it will be more similar to the original Prime Grill (perhaps quieter?)

    • sounds to me like it’ll be a smaller satellite of Prime Grill, but this one with a really top chef