JCC of Metro Detroit Loses Kosher Eatery

Last updated: October 29, 2015

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jerusalem-pizza-kosher-michigan-logoJerusalem Bistro (formerly Jerusalem Pizza) inside of the JCC of Metro Detroit in West Bloomfield, MI was forced to close by the JCC yesterday (10/28/15).

The JCC stated that they will “… work to identify a suitable food service vendor to fill the space, with the objective of meeting the needs of all of our members and constituents.”

Jerusalem Bistro has another location known as Jerusalem Pizza still open in Southfield, MI.


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  • expat1observer

    I have noticed at the JCC in Manhattan on 74th Street, and the JCC in Tenafly NJ that there is a pattern of losing kosher cafe operators. I think the pattern is that they welcome a local vendor, and then are disappointed with the volume of business, start dictating terms and hours and prices so that the vendor cannot make a profit and then boot the vendor out. It seems many non-profit executives are just not very good at arranging partnerships with for-profit food services. Come to think of it, I know of more JCCs where this pattern can be seen.