The 5 Towns’ Brasserie Halevi Has Officially Closed

Last updated: October 25, 2015

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The short-lived Brasserie Halevi was an attempt to add to the higher-end kosher dining scene in the 5 Towns. (Currently, the only high-end eatery in the area is Prime Bistro in Lawrence). Brasserie Halevi has been closed for weeks now after its recent attempt to rebrand as a steakhouse, which didn’t seem to fool most customers.

There have been a number of kosher restaurants in that location on Central Ave. over the years that have failed, although we hope a quality kosher eatery takes its place and thrives. Brasserie Halevi was not it. The restaurant is for sale according to the sign on the front window.



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  • bruce

    The 5 Towns is starving for a nice high end kosher restaurant (IE Basil/Pardes etc). Surprisingly NONE exist, even though the favorable demographics. This restaurant unfortunately was just not it.

    • I hear ya, but …
      1) Prime Bistro is high end
      2) We’re still a ways away from getting a Pardes like restaurants for many reasons, the sheer size and scale of Brooklyn or Manhattan will not be duplicated in the 5 Towns.
      3) Most people go out to eat with families here. Not enough demand for business meeting meals to justify a new restaurant beyond the one we already have.