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Israel’s First Kosher Diner is Opening in Tel Aviv

1944586-54The diner scene in Israel has been very low key until two years ago, when they started popping up around Tel Aviv, albeit all non-kosher, until now. Addict, is opening up this summer in the heart of the Nachalat Binyamin neighborhood.

The concept behind Addict is to serve all three meals opening at 8am and not closing until after Midnight. Starting with parve pancakes and coffee served with soy milk for breakfast, to all types of burgers, steaks, and salads for lunch & dinner.

According to the owner, the diner will appeal to all types of clientele serving good kosher food at diner prices.

Kashrut will be under the supervision of Rabbanut Tel Aviv.


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  • My husband, my toddler, and I just ate here last night and it was DELICIOUS. We ordered the chicken poppers for an appetizer and my little one ate four of them! They come with mayo and a sweet chili sauce (yum). My husband got the burger with the duck liver and LOVED it and I got the “bacon” burger. I never do this but I ate the entire thing. For dessert (I have no idea how I found room) we got the flour-free, milk-free french toast. It is a MUST.GET. foodgasm in your mouth. Avi (the owner) waited on us and we had a fantastic time. We even ate in the sukkah but the ambience and American feel of the place was excellent!!! HUGE recommend for this place!

  • Had a business lunch today for 60 shekels(with tip). A big Burger (around 200 grams) with vegan cheese a drink with homemade fries. It is the best deal in tel aviv. The staff speaks English,Hebrew and French.