Unauthorized Kosher Symbols Being Used on Non-Kosher Carts & Trucks

Last updated: August 6, 2015

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Non-kosher food trucks in Manhattan have been bearing an unauthorized OK and Kof-K kosher symbols on their carts/trucks. Both orgs are asking for the public’s help to stop this fraudulent use of the kosher symbols, which is a major infringement of their symbol’s usage, and potentially detrimental to any kosher keeping person who may eat there accidentally.

The OK has sent a mashgiach to speak with the owner of a truck, who agreed to remove the sign. Unfortunately, the sign was up again the next day. These trucks change their location every day.



If anyone sees these trucks please contact OK Kosher Certification at 718-756-7500 or the Kof-K at 201-837-0500 and report the location and license plate number of the truck; so that further action can be taken. Reports can also be made to NYS Kosher Law Enforcement at Kosher@agriculture.ny.gov.

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