New Kosher Restaurant Inside Tel Aviv’s Sarona Complex

Last updated: January 10, 2016

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Roy-Chocolate-Sarona-Tel-Aviv-Israel-kosherSarona is a new shopping complex built within a historic neighborhood that has been rebuilt and preserved to the original designs and now have modern shops and restaurants in those historic buildings.

Roy Chocolate and Coffee Shop is a new kosher place under the supervision of the Tel Aviv Rabbanite.

At Roy, the fare served is typical for a cafe: Soups, salads, pasta and such. What is special is the chocolate made from scratch that they serve and sell at the venue. So when you need a coffee break from shopping in this gorgeous new complex, or if you need a sweet chocolate fix, Roy is your spot.

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  • Iralaser

    Do they have strict kashrut or do they rely on heter mekhira?

    • Eli

      Roy has Regular Tel Aviv Rabbinut Hechser – Avkat Chalav Akum.
      Probably heter mechira. “Tomato” Pizza is Rabanut Mehadrin.
      Best to call and check,

  • Alyssa Cohen Kaplan

    any other kosher places in Sarona?