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Traveling on Chanukah? Be Prepared with a Travel Sized Menorah

I just looked at my work schedule, and I have a business trip that I can’t avoid which will have me away from home the first night of Chanukah. Unfortunately, I’ll be in a Midwestern city with few Jewish / Kosher options, so it seems I have 2 options:

  1. See if I can join the local Chabad’s candle lighting celebration
  2. Bring my own travel-sized Chanukiyah / Menorah and light candles in my hotel room

Since the local Chabad’s candle lighting ceremony is in the suburbs, and I will be staying downtown, I’m likely stuck lighting in my hotel room. I’ve been doing some research on travel chanukiyot on Amazon, and lo and behold, there are a bunch available at lots of price points.

Here’s what I found (I’ve included larger pictures of the nicer ones I found below the listing:
(Note 1: Some of these come with candles/oil as a travel kit. Some do not. Please check prior.)
(Note 2: Some of these items may not ship in time for Chanukah or your trip. Confirm with the seller.)

Rounded-Travel-Hannukah-Menorah Hand-painted-travel-menorah-chanukah Silver-turquoise-travel-size-hanukkah-meorah hand-painted-travel-size-menorah

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