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Prime Wok ‘n’ Grill Takes Over Moshi Moshi in Brooklyn, NY

Prime Wok ‘n’ Grill takes place of Moshi Moshi on Coney Island Avenue in Flatbush (Brooklyn, NY) under

Source: Great Kosher Restaurants
Source: Great Kosher Restaurants

“new heimishe ownership,” according to their website. Much like their predecessor Moshi Moshi, Prime Wok ‘n’ Grill will be serving Chinese and Japanese cuisine, but additionally they added grilled American food to the menu as well.

To cater to all their patrons’ schedules, Prime Wok ‘n’ Grill will be open until midnight daily!

Prime Wok ‘n’ Grill is under the kashrus supervision of Rabbi Gornish.

Source: Great Kosher Restaurants