Kosher Food Found @ YYZ (Toronto’s Pearson Airport)

Last updated: May 9, 2014

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Kosher Sandwich found at YYZ

Kosher Sandwich found at YYZ

A YTK reader found kosher sandwiches in Terminal 3 at Pearson Airport in Toronto yesterday. Grodzinski’s, a COR supervised bakery in Toronto, is supplying sandwiches with roast beef, pastrami, brisket, cream cheese, and tuna options. There is also a choice of tuna, or roasted vegetable and hummus wraps. Additionally, you can find kosher danish pastries, muffins, granola & yogurt parfaits, and more all provided by Grodzinski’s.

According to the bakery’s website, their sandwiches are also available at Terminal 1,  in Concourse E between gates 71 & 75 at the CIBO, Feta, and Heirloom outlets.

This is very helpful for Toronto – NY commuters!


Thank you Rachel  for sharing

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  • Keetsy

    Terminal 1 – Concourse D (Domestic) – Close to D42-D45 has some packaged foods with hekhshers (hardboiled eggs, kale chips, etc).