New Kosher Sushi Place in Midtown (NYC): Sushi Fussion

Last updated: February 12, 2014

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sushi fussionLast week the NYC based kosher sushi chain, Sushi Fussionwith sister locations in Queens and Great Neck, opened in midtown Manhattan.

We wouldn’t quite call the new sushi spot a restaurant as it only offers take-out and delivery options, however, it is still nice to have a dedicated, sushi-only kosher place in the city. To find Sushi Fussion, you’ll need to find the entrance (currently under scaffolding) and enter through an industrial metal door, up a flight of stairs, and order through a window / hole in the wall (literally). The good news is that their service is friendly and quick, with free delivery in the area.

sushi-fussion-midtown(Yes, we know that Fussion is misspelled (Fusion), but they were hoping you didn’t notice. Did you?)

While many of the other local kosher restaurants (reiterating, this isn’t a restaurant) all serve sushi (including Bravo Pizza, Pitopia, and Mr. Broadway), this is the only dedicated sushi-only place. Should they do well, we should expect them to open an actual restaurant in the future.

In terms of location, this should be pretty exciting for workers at B&H Photo on 34th & 9th, anyone attending an event at Madison Square Garden, anyone traveling through Penn Station, and Macy’s consumers.

Kashrut supervision under the OK.

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