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France Pesach / Passover

Open for Passover Kosher Restaurants [Paris] 2012


Great list of Kosher for Pesach places in and around Paris this year – should there be any restaurants missing from this list from anywhere in the world, please message below or tweet us [@YeahThatsKosher] and we’ll add the restaurants not on the list.

We do not have details whether these restaurants serve Kitniyot or not. Considering the large local Sephardi population, it is safe to assume that many will be serving Kitniyot.

  • Beggel Off, 246, boulevard Voltaire, Paris 11
  • Flash Burger, 10 rue de Brémontier, Paris 17
  • Restaurant La Regatta, La Regatta, 6, rue du Ponceau, Paris 2
  • Steak & Soda, 225 boulevard Voltaire, Paris 11
  • Burger Bar 231, 231, boulevard Voltaire, Paris 11
  • Debby Wang, 47, avenue Raymond Poincaré, Paris 16
  • Gaspard, 84, rue Lauriston, Paris 16
  • La Brasserie, 202 boulevard Voltaire, Paris 11
  • L’Ancas, 3 rue du General Leclerc, Charenton Le Pont
  • L’Etoile des Ternes, 98 avenue des Ternes, Paris 17
  • Restaurant Le Manhattan, Le Manhattan, 231 Bd Voltaire, Paris 11
  • Le Vôtre by Magali, 58, rue de Picpus, Paris 12
  • Neuilly Traiteur, 3 Rue De Chartres, Neuilly Sur Seine
  • Noblesse Traiteur, Centre Commercial Les Flanades – 13, Rue De Marseille, Sarcelles
  • Ô De Rose, 209, avenue de Versailles, Paris 16
  • Rest’O Fleg, 8 bis rue de l’Eperon, Paris 6
  • Simon, 73 bis, avenue Niel, Paris 17
  • Aromatsushi, 10 bis rue des quatre cheminees, Boulogne Billancourt



HT to @raroooo & Manger Cacher

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