Pesach / Passover United Kingdom

Open for Passover Kosher Restaurants [London] 2012

We've been compiling this list for the past few weeks – should there be any restaurants missing from this list from anywhere in the world, please message below or tweet us [@YeahThatsKosher] and we'll add the restaurants not on the list.


Golders Green:

  • La Fiesta, 235 Golders Green Road, 020 8458 0444
  • Brasserie 103, 103 Golders Green Road, 020 8458 7273


  • White Fish, 10-12 Bell Lane, 020 8202 8780
  • Deli Max, 134 Brent Street, 020 8202 2327



H/T to Rabbi Simon from the KLBD.


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