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Open for Passover Kosher Restaurants [Jerusalem] 2012 – updated

It should come as no surprise that when most Jewish restaurants shut down for the week, the kosher capital of the world becomes the "Kosher for Passover" capital of the world. So whether you’re visiting for the holiday, a native Jerusalemite or driving in from elsewhere in the country, there is no shortage of places to dine at in Israel’s capital. For Ashkenazim, check before you sit down that a restaurant is kitniyot free – many in Jerusalem cater to the legume-eating crowd.

Here's the list of where to get tasty bites throughout Chol Hamoed – we’ll continue to update this closer to Pesach as more details emerge. (should there be any restaurants missing from this list from anywhere in the world, please message below or tweet us [@YeahThatsKosher] and we'll add the restaurants not on the list.)

1. Little Italy – This restaurant, centrally located just a few steps away from the Inbal Hotel, has a dairy pesach menu of pizzas, “pastas” and fish, plus a variety of desserts. 38 Keren Hayesod St. – Kosher Rabbanut – http://www.littleitaly.darolite.com/

2. El Gaucho – This meat lover’s paradise in the city’s downtown is open on Hol Hamoed (and in Haifa, Netanya, Ramat Gan and Rishon LeTziyon) with a full grilled up menu. Jerusalem and Haifa locations are kitniyot free. 22 Yosef Rivlin St. – Kosher Rabbanut – http://www.elgaucho.co.il/?p=305

3. Angelica – this elegant sit down restaurant will be open and ready for those diners looking for a more upscale Hol Hamoed meal. 7 Shatz St. – http://angelica.rest-e.co.il/

4. Ben Ami – This bakery/cafe will be offering up a variety of tasty treats for Pesach, including almond brittle and chocolate cake. 32 Emek Refaim. – Kosher Rabbanut Mehadrin – www.benami.co.il 

5. Marvad Haskamim – The homey, traditional Israeli restaurant will be open and kitniyot free on Hol Hamoed. The menu includes items like roast beef in mushroom sauce or roasted chicken. 43 Emek Refaim. – Kosher Rabbanut – http://marvadhaksamim.rest-e.co.il/

6. Hatagine – this Moroccan restaurant in the Talpiot neighborhood will be serving a limited but tasty menu for Passover – seder and Hol Hamoed – but for kitniyot eaters only. 15 Yad Harutzim St. – Kosher Rabbanut and meat is Beit Yosef. – http://hatagin.co.il/

7.La Guta – This modern Mediterranean restaurant is offering up a kitniyot-free takeout menu for the holiday, if you order in advance. 34 Derech Beit Lechem – Kosher Rabbanut – http://www.rol.co.il/sites/la-guta/

8. Joy – This steakhouse-style sit-down restaurant in the heart of the German Colony will be open for the holiday for non-kitniyot eaters. Entrees include steaks, chicken, lamb, duck and salmon – something for everyone in your party. 24 Emek Refaim St. – OU Kosher – http://www.joy-gb.co.il/passover_menu_english.php

9. Ne’eman – This ubiquitous bakery chain will offer a selection of cakes, cookies, tarts and pizzas specially for Pesach. Offerings included for not kitniyot eaters.  – 10 locations in Jerusalem.  – www.neemans.co.il/

10. Tmol Shilshom – This off-the-beaten-track dairy restaurant hidden in Nachalat Shiva off of Ben Yehuda will be open for Pesach, so enjoy it’s tasty offerings in the cute bookstore/cafe.  Yoel Salomon 5. – Kosher Rabbanut – www.tmol-shilshom.co.il/

11. La Boca – This Latin restaurant on Emek Refaim is open with a full non-kitniyot menu, including a variety of steaks, chicken, fish and even a kosher for Passover apple pie.  46 Emek Refaim. – Kosher Rabbanut with meat under Beit Yosefhttp://www.rol.co.il/images/sites/la-boca/eng.html

12. Gabriel – This upscale gourmet French restaurant nestled in the alleys of the Nachalat Shiva neighborhood downtown, will be open for Pesach with a menu including classic filet steak, osso bucco and norwegian salmon fillet.  7 Ben Shetach St. – Kosher Mehadrin Beit Yosef – http://www.gabriel-jerusalem.co.il/

13. Papagaio – This Talpiot meat-lovers restaurant is opening its doors for Hol Hamoed Pesach, with a menu sure to delight every carnivore. Kitniyot-free.  3 Yad Hartuzim St. – Kosher Mehadrin – http://www.papagaio.co.il/

14. English Cake – This bakery chain is not only open and kitniyot free but also non-gebrokts. This includes their 8 storefronts in Jerusalem, plus those in Mevaseret, Petah Tikva and Modi’in. Kosher Rabbanut Mehadrin and Chatam Sofer Mehadrin. – http://www.englishcake.co.il/

15. Charlotte – Billed as “the only kosher meat restaurant in Ein Kerem”  – Charlotte is open on Hol Hamoed from Sunday to Friday. 25 Ein Kerem St.

16. Cafe Rimon – the centrally located and tourist friendly restaurant – with both meat and dairy sides – will be open for Hol Hamoed and free of kitniyot. 4 Luntz St. Jerusalem Rabbanut Mehadrin and Chatam Sofer – http://www.caferimon.co.il/

17. Katzefet – The popular ice cream stop in the center of town will be open for Passover with its full selection of flavors.
2 Ben Yehuda St. Rabbanut Mehadrin

18. Village Green – The two stores in this healthy chain will be open and kitniyot free on Hol Hamoed, serving up their typical fare of vegetables, soups, salads and more. 33 Yaffo and 5 Rachel Imenu St. Rabbanut Mehadrin – www.villagegreen.co.il  


    Here are more restaurants open in Jerusalem for Pesach on chol hamoed (via eLuna):


    • 1868 – 10 King David Street   –  6222312 Non-Kitniyot
    • Alma  – 16 Rivlin Street  –  5020069 Non-Kitniyot 
    • Black Bar-N-Burger  – 18 Shlomtzion Hamalka  –  6246767 Kitniyot
    • Bleeker Bakery  – 45 Yaffo St. at 2 Luntz  –  6500932 Non-Kitniyot
    • Cup O'Joe  – 38 Keren Hayesod St.  –  5610555 Kitniyot
    • Cafe Cafe  – 44 Emek Refaim, German Colony  –  5637999 Non-Kitniyot
    • Cafe Inbal  – 25D Ein Karem St., Ein Karem  –  6446533 Non-Kitniyot
    • Coffee Shop  – 40 Azza St, Rehavia  –  5611006 Kitniyot
    • Darna  – 3 Horkanos Street  –  6245406 Non-Kitniyot 
    • Grill Bar  – 1 HaSoreg St  –  6223761 Kitniyot
    • Hachatzer –  7 Derech Beit Lechem  –  6719922 Non-Kitniyot
    • Herzl  –  13 Mamila  –  5020555 Non-Kitniyot 
    • Kedma  –  Mamila  –  5003737 Non-Kitniyot
    • Korusin  –  Malcha Mall  –  6791088 Non-Kitniyot 
    • Lara  –  3 Shimon Ben Shetach St.  –  5370701 Non-Kitniyot
    • Luigi  –  12 Yoel Salomon St.  –  6232524 Non-Kitniyot
    • Luigi Katamon  –  35 Shai Agnon Street  –  5633338 Non-Kitniyot
    • Luciana  –  27 Emek Refaim St.  –  5630111 Non-Kitniyot
    • Mamila Deli  –  15 Shlomzion Hamalka  –  6240346 Non-Kitniyot 
    • Mike's Place  –  33 Yaffo St  –  054-5313255 Non-Kitniyot
    • Modern  –  at the Israel Museum  –  6480862 Non-Kitniyot
    • Moshiko Beit Hakerem  –  5 Avizohar Street, Beit Hakerem  –  6799770 Non-Kitniyot 
    • Racha  –  6 Hahavatselet St., Jerusalem  –  5376600 Kitniyot
    • Roza  –  31 Jaffa Rd., Feingold  –  6244111 Kitniyot
    • Roza Moshava  –  2 Rachel Imenu, German Colony  –  5638000 Kitniyot
    • Sofia  –  Inbal Hotel  –  6756689 Non-Kitniyot
    • Spaghettis  –  Mamila  –  5003636 Non-Kitniyot
    • Sushi Bar  –  Rehavia 29 Azza St  –  5667477 Kitniyot
    • Sushi Bar  –  Rehavia Emek 48 Emek Refaim  –  5637777 Kitniyot 
    • YAN  –  5 Chopin Street  –  6732288 Kitniyot

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