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Grand Opening of “Chicken.org” Restaurant in Philly, PA

The Chicken.Org restaurant opened in Philadelphia on Tuesday at 534 South 4th Street (SW corner of 4th & South Sts). Israeli owners Eyal Aranya and Yoni Nadav also own Philly burger joint Burgers.org (which is NOT kosher, but may be coverted to a Glatt Kosher restaurant soon). They decided to launch Chicken.org as a Glatt Kosher, and organic, restaurant.

The Kosher certification is by the Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia, with supervision by Rabbi Dov A. Brisman of Elkins Park, PA.

The menu includes:

  • Sandwiches (on french baguette or pita bread): schnitzel, chicken meatball, grilled chicken and roast turkey.
  • Chicken wings: fried, grilled, buffalo, and honey & sesame.
  • Hot side dishes: mashed potatoes, fresh steamed vegetables, rice, sweet corn, roasted sweet potato, spaghetti with red sauce, green beans, baked potato and gravy.
  • Cold side dishes: hummus, babaganoush, eggplant salad, red cabbage salad, Israeli salad, coleslaw and egg salad.

534 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 267-687-7074
Order: www.diningin.com

This news broke originally by the Philadelphia Examiner.

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