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Requesting a Special “9 Days” Meals While Traveling

Starting this Sunday night (July 31st, 2011) the custom is to refrain from eating meat during the Nine Days of Av (except on Shabbat). According to the Beth Din of Johannesburg, “those who do not wish to eat meat in their kosher airline meals, must specifically request a kosher fish meal – most airlines will oblige.”

Those flying to or from Israel on El Al airlines can request a special fish meal Nine Days must request a “Special Kosher Meal” when ordering your meals. If you currently have a reservation on El Al, call them to change your meals. (Please comment below to let us know if you have any issues)

Additionally, if you are flying another airline, try and request a “vegetarian kosher meal”. They may not have available, but it is worth a shot.

What are your 9 Days Travel tips? Comment below.

The Nine days culminates with Tisha B’Av ( תשעה באב‎ ) which starts on Monday night, August 8th, and ends after nightfall on Tuesday night, August 9th.

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