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Cafe Mazzarine – Tel Aviv, Israel [Guest Review]

Since I settled into my first sublet blocks away from Kikar Rabin in 2006, I found myself defending the “holiness” and kashrut of Tel Aviv.  (For the record, it is possible to be an observant Jew in the “secular” city of Tel Aviv – I did it and most of my friends do it.)  During the year that I lived in Israel, I found that I would always play a game with myself to find the best kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv, and also note which were Mehadrin (a higher kosher stringency) for when my friends from Jerusalem would visit.

Now that I am back in Tel Aviv for a visit, I have the pleasure of exploring my city, joyfully discovering new kosher establishments that seem to appear in unexpected places.


Gordon 17 (near Ben Yehuda)


Not Mehadrin

Mazzarine is a beautiful eaterie that makes you feel like you are at a European sidewalk café.  Specializing is elegant pastries, chocolate and decadent cakes, Mazzarine also has a full selection of breakfast options that include the Israeli staple, shakshuka.  If you’re craving comfort food that reminds you of home, they have a different spin on French toast, which is filled with goat cheese and dried apricot.  Their full menu includes a wide selection of salads, pastas, quiches, and fish dishes that won’t break the bank.  My favorite pick is the whole wheat croissant sandwich with kashkoval cheese, tomatoes and pesto.  For only 21 NIS it’s filling, delicious and won’t make a dent in your pocket.  An added bonus: they have live jazz Thursday nights.

Guest Review by Farrah Fidler

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