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Kosher Energy Drinks & Starbucks K-cups

A few days ago, we posted a Kashrut alert regarding Starbucks stores. The company made the news again today, announcing they’ll be selling Starbucks coffee in Keurig’s K-Cup portion packs. This is good news for consumers who were concerned about the Starbucks stores’ Kashrut because now you can just brew the stuff at home. It was also good news for owners of Green Mountain stock (Keurig’s parent company) since it was up 40% on the news.

In case you’ve decided that all this coffee Kashrut stuff is too confusing and you’re looking elsewhere for a caffeine jolt, here’s a list of energy drinks that are reliably kosher according to the cRc beverage list (please drink responsibly):

Beverage Name Recommended Flavors & Comments
5 Hour Energy Drink Only when bearing the Star K on the label
Cobra Energy Drink When bearing the OU
Full Throttle When bearing the OU
Jolt Only when bearing OU
NOS Energy Drink
(Powershot is NOT kosher certified)
Cherry, Fruit Punch, Grape, Original, Passionfruit, Sugar Free
Red Bull Original regular & sugar free
(“Shots” not approved at this time)
Tatra Energy Drink When bearing the OU
Vault (from Coke) Regular and Vault Zero, Red Blitz
Venom (Mexico) Energy Black Mambo
Venom (United States) Death Adder, Energy Black Mambo, Energy Mojave Rattler, Kill Taipan