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Israel’s Kosher Wineries and their Kosher Restaurants [Listing]

Special thanks to Esther Cohen from for compiling this list, and for her amazing insights into Israel’s Kosher wine scene.


The Carmel Region – 45 minutes North of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean Coast.

  • Tishbi Estate Winery is technically located in Binyamina on Route 652 (near Zichron Yaakov). Along with being the 5th largest winery in Israel, producing 1 million bottles a year, Tishbi has a kosher dairy restaurant attached to the winery. They also have a café located along the Promenade in Zichron Yaakov Center.

    The restaurant at the winery has two seating areas, one is outside under a canopy of vines, which is majestic. The second seating area is inside and is big tables for groups and families. Tishbi has a bakery where they make homemade bread every morning. It is delicious!

    Also, do not miss the Oshra Fine Food products which consist of wine jams and olive oils. Some of Oshra’s wine jams are Mango Chardonnay, Fig Cabernet, Merlot, Late Harvest Riesling, Strawberry Merlot and many more!

    The menu consists of Pizza from a brick-oven and with all different toppings, pasta, salads, shakshuka, sandwiches made from fresh bread daily, and of course Israeli breakfasts. The restaurant at the winery is open Sunday-Thursday 8:30am-3pm, Friday 8:30am-2pm. The café in the center of Zichron is open Sun-Thursday 8:30am-11pm, Friday 8:30am-2pm.

    They have the same menu and the breakfast comes with a choice of wine, fresh juice and coffee.
    Look forward to a chocolate and wine tasting room…being built now!
    Find out more here:

  • Carmel Winery, the oldest established winery in Israel, which just celebrated their 120th year in existence, has a Visitors Center and a very nice kosher, dairy Bistro. The Bistro has intimate rooms and group rooms which are elegant. The Bistro also has an outside patio area. The menu consists of fish, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, paella, couscous, and salads. The Bistro is open Sunday-Thursday 8:30am – 10pm, Friday 8:30am-2pm. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all delicious!

    Carmel Bistro hosts wedding parties and events all year long. Carmel Winery is located in Zichron Yaakov, it is very large and you can not miss it!

    Find out more at their website here:

  • Binyamina Winery was an old perfume factory during the time of Edmond Baron De Rothschild’s influence in Zichron Yaakov. It is now a 2 story restaurant and Visitors Center. Binyamina is the 4th largest winery producing 3 million bottles annually.

    The Winery has a kosher dairy and meat restaurant attached to the winery. The restaurant opens up at 8:30am and until 11:30am the kitchen is kosher dairy. At 12pm the restaurant switches over to Kosher Meat. The winery is open Sun-Thursday 8:30am to 7:00pm, Friday 8:30am-2:00pm.

    The restaurant has a rustic feel and has private rooms for groups. The winery also produces a variety of liquors, such as chocolate, peach, amaretto, and berries.

    Binyamina Winery is located next to the Binyamina train station, off of Nili Street in Binyamina.
    Please go to their website for more information:


  • Gush Etzion Winery also has a kosher dairy restaurant attached to their facility. They serve pasta, pizza, sandwiches, Israeli breakfast, shakshuka, and fish dishes. They are open 9:00am until 4:00pm.
    Enjoy a view overlooking the Jerusalem Hills and vineyards. Group rates are available.
    Go to the website to check out more information:
  • Tzuba Winery is located in the Jerusalem Hills, near Mivaserrete Zion. At the winery you can enjoy a tasting with cheese, veggies and crackers. However, in the kibbutz is a kosher meat dining hall that anyone can eat at and group reservations can be made. The food is tasty and there is a variety of salads, meat, chicken, and side dishes.
    Go to the website for more information:


  • Adir Winery is located in the Upper Galilee, in the Dalton Industrial area. Adir Winery is a boutique kosher winery producing 30,000 bottles annually. Adir is also a dairy and while you drink your deep oaked red wine and dessert wine you can enjoy a tasting of kosher organic goat cheese, aged for 3 months, 6 months and 2 years. There is also a cheese platter with gourmet cheeses and goat yogurt and ice-cream. Adir Winery has a beautiful outdoor patio overlooking their vineyards. The customer service is wonderful and the ambiance is classy.
    Go to their website for more information:

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