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Kosher Restaurant Rewards Site: GetMunch.com – Going Live Today for NJ restaurants

GetMunch.com will be launching in New Jersey today with Kosher restaurants. To promote the launch, www.getmunch.com will be giving away $3 to all new signups for the first two weeks. The website is a unique twist on a loyalty program similar to airline miles with an emphases on convenience. Members dine out at restaurants, write reviews, and refer friends and family to earn points. Points collected can be traded in for free gift certificates called Munch Cash in the amount of $3, $10, or $20.

Members can go to any of the dozens of kosher restaurants any day or time without restriction to earn points or use Munch Cash. GetMunch.com is cardless – when paying for a check at a restaurant, the member simply provides the server with either his or her ten digit phone number or a custom number they created on the website. There is no waiting time for Munch Cash, when you have enough points you simply print out the Munch Cash and bring it into a restaurant to be used as cash.

Since this is new, we’re curious to know how people use it, and if it’s affective. Please comment and let us know. Reply to us on Twitter via @YeahThatsKosher.

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