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UWS Dunkin Donuts No Longer ‘Fully’ Kosher (NYC)

dunkin-donuts-donut-display-kosherThe Kashrut for the Dunkin Donuts location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan is no longer fully kosher, but most non-prepared items in the store, including the donuts and drinks, do remain kosher.

Please see the full note as posted by Rabbi Mehlman of NKS:

Please be advised that, as per ownership’s decision, the Dunkin Donuts located on Amsterdam and 94th Street in Manhattan is no longer FULLY kosher.

In the immediate future, we will post a LIMITED KASHRUS CERTIFICATE which will allow kosher customers to purchase beverages and (almost) all bakery products in the store.

These items, however, cannot be cut, sliced, heated or toasted in store and NO kosher sandwiches will be available for purchase.

Kosher cream cheese, butter and jelly packets will be available for “take out.” Sorry for the inconvenience!

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman

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