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New Kosher Pizza Place in Hollywood, FL: Picasso Pizza

picasso pizza storefrontThe kosher-keeping community of Hollywood, Florida is abuzz with excitement over the new pizza place that opened a few weeks ago, Picasso Pizza! At $9.99 for an entire pie, this has already impressed locals and visitors.

Picasso Pizza also has super late hours for an “out-of-town” restaurant, open until 1 am daily, Fridays until 5:30 pm and Saturday nights until 3:30 am!! Their Cookie Dough Dough Pie looks pretty darn good as well. With smoothies, create-your-own-sandwich, and over 20 pizza toppings, there really is something for everyone!

Picasso Pizza's Cookie Dough Dough Pie
Picasso Pizza’s Cookie Dough Dough Pie

Picasso Pizza is under the kashrus supervision of ORB.

Note: Picasso Pizza is located inside a Chevron Gas Station in Hollywood. See map below.