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Kosher BBQ Pop Up in Riverdale Temporarily Closed Today

Kosher Pop Up BBQ in Riverdale is closed today. Ran out of food. Will reopen tomorrow for grand finale.

See letter from Gemstone Catering owner below:

Dear Friends…On behalf of my talented and hard working staff, I want to thanks the 2000+ people who have come from near and far to eat some damn good bbq!!! We never anticipated such a huge turnout! After three solid days of spreading the love, we ran out of food tonight an hour before closing. WE WILL BE CLOSED Wednesday August 8th to recoup and catch up on a ton (literally) of SMOKED BBQ!!!

Making BBQ taste this good is a painstakingly long process, 12-18hrs per 300lb batch – There is no cheating, no shortcuts, no fakes that can duplicate the real thing in less time! We will be working around the clock to fix the problem prepare for 1 Grand Finale this week!!! We thank the hordes of people who have stampeded this Temple's lot this week and invite you all back for one last night THURSDAY 4-10pm where we will have our entire lineup PLUS by very popular demand our famous TEXAS SMOKEHOUSE CHOLENT!

The last thing in the world that I want is for you, your family and our friends to travel up here tomorrow to an empty lot as my team and I SMOKE away out our Gemstone Catering HQ….Please please please spread the word the WE WILL BE CLOSED TONIGHT ~ AND come join us for one last waltz Thursday, August 9th 4-10pm

Ari White

Pitmaster ~ Gemstone Catering

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