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“Noodles” – New Kosher Restaurant in Moscow, Russia

I love reading about new kosher restaurants in places where I don’t expect it. Not long ago, opening a Kosher restaurant in Moscow would’ve been unheard of. Now there’s a growing Jewish community to support it.

According to this article in the Moscow News, Noodles is a Brooklyn-inspired Kosher meat restaurant that has a nice interior, but doesn’t quite remind one of Brooklyn.

Its menu is mainly Euro-American cuisine, with a few “Jewish” dishes like Gefilte Fish, but not Matzo Ball soup.

Here’s a sample from their menu (prices are in Russian Roubles)

  • Hummus with lamb 350
  • Gefilte fish 380
  • Beef noodles 450
  • Smoked black cod 970
  • Chocolate truffle 380

Website: www.KosherClub.ru

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Photo courtesy of Photo The Moscow News

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