No Such Thing As Kosher Pork: Associated in Queens, NY – Who Is Your Rabbi?

Last updated: January 3, 2014

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Earlier this week, an Israeli artist (Oded Hirsch) spotted something a bit fishy at the Associated Supermarket in Sunnyside, NY (Queens). Actually, it was a bit porky.

He spotted multiple chazzer (pork) products with a Kosher symbol. Not just any kosher symbol, but a full on, in Hebrew, “Beis Yosef Sh’chita” symbol.

This reminds me a bit of pirated DVDs, but for some reason I have a feeling this won’t be the profitable industry that bootleg movies have been.

This story broke days ago and given the nature of the product, we felt that our community of readers would be smart enough to not eat pork. We’re posting this for those that asked for more details.

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