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Boston’s Milk Street Cafe Comes to #NYC

New York’s downtown financial district has been lacking from Kosher options recently with the close of Circa, and the close of the Kosher Subway, leaving only 2 other options – not too close to Wall Street. Enter Milk Street Cafe, the only Kosher restaurant in downtown Boston. They will be opening at a large location […]

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Kosher Truck Delights Taste Buds in #NYC – Quick Stop Kosher

Quick Stop Kosher truck , run by Belgian born Ari Thaler, offers a small variety of kosher grub including Paninis, Tuna Sandwiches, Falafel (of Moshe’s Falafel), and of course – Belgian Waffles. There is obviously no address for this kosher eatery, but it can found somewhere in NYC (typically Midtown), and can be tracked down […]

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JetBlue & EL AL Announce U.S. – Israel Interline Partnership

Hey guys, I just saw the following announcement online, and I was super thrilled! So, whatever your thoughts on JetBlue or EL AL, you can’t deny that this is extremely convenient, especially for those Americans who find that in order to get to Israel they had to fly to New York anyways. Now, it’s all […]

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9 Days Menus

As we know, eating meat is considered festive and therefore forbidden (without a siyum) during the 9 days. Thus, many meat restaurants have created special pareve (non meat or dairy) menus to stay open during the 9 Days. To learn more about why we don’t eat meat (or drink wine) during the Nine Days, click […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in New York, NY

Contributed by Rachael Abrams | Last Date of Travel: January 2010 As a native-Texan I’m used to average Kosher restaurants, a small close-knit Jewish community and the passion to travel outside of Dallas to see other cities. New York is probably my favorite city to visit, not just for it’s liveliness nor it’s real winter […]

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Kosher Chinese Restaurants · 洁净中国餐馆 · מסעדות סיניות כשרות

There is now a silly tradition that many Americans hold Christmastime each year… to indulge in Chinese cuisine. Since the Chinese do not celebrate Christmas, like us Jews, their restaurants have no need to take a hiatus on Xmas day. In honor of this wacky tradition, we’ve compiled a list of Chinese restaurants (both sit-down […]

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Los Angeles, CA >> Focus on Kosher Subway

Subway is a deli restaurant chain that is popular for its freshly baked bread and meat subs. We checked out one of the kosher Subways in the U.S., this one on Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA. They offer a variety of different breads, meats, vegetables, and sauces. They’re also open late which makes them […]

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New York, NY >> Focus on Wolf & Lamb Steakhouse

Wolf & Lamb Steakhouse is a classy kosher meat restaurant in the Diamond District of Midtown Manhattan. They have delicious steaks, tantalizing burgers, and other unique dishes to make your mouth salivate. Dani Klein from http://yeahthatskosher.com checks out kosher restaurants for Jewish Travel TV. Look out for more videos at Jewish Travel TV: http://JewishTravelTV.com Subscribe […]

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Open for Passover 2009 in New York

Jews the world over are traveling around to friends, family, or to new locations this Passover. While it is typically impossible to find kosher restaurants or eateries open for Passover, here are a few that I’ve found that will be open this year on Chol Hamoed (intermediary days of Passover): Manhattan Abigael’s 1407 Broadway New […]

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Glatt Kosher SUBWAY® Restaurants in the U.S.

While there are nearly 22,000 Subway restaurants in the United States, only a tiny fraction of them are actually Glatt Kosher… the overwhelming majority doesn’t claim to be kosher at all, so be careful. I have eaten at a few of the kosher Subway places and I do admit, it is not my favorite fast […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Brooklyn, NY

Contributed by: Arielle Singer Klein | Last Date of Travel: [Author grew up in Brooklyn and often visits her parents who live there.] Kosher Info: Ahh Brooklyn the proverbial mecca for the Jewish foodie. Although I no longer live in Brooklyn I still dream about all the myriad food choices that exist some open till […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Northern New Jersey

Contributed by: Daniel Wenger | Last Dates of Travel: [Author grew up in N. NJ] Major Towns: Englewood, Fair Lawn, Teaneck, West Orange Up and Coming: Bergenfield, Fort Lee, Paramus, Passaic Kosher Info: Supermarkets throughout the area feature large Kosher sections, and many store-brand items are certified. The Rabbinical Council of Bergen County (RCBC) is […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in New York (Manhattan), NY

Contributed by: Dani Klein | Last Date Visited: [Author lives in New York] Kosher Info: Since Orthodox Jews make up such a large percentage of New York’s population, NYC is probably the easiest city in the world outside of Jerusalem to find Kosher food. Buying Kosher food anywhere in New York is fairly easy. Kosher […]

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