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New in Miami: Smash House Bringing Kosher Smash Burgers & Wings to NMB

A new kosher smash burger joint has opened in North Miami Beach, a trend quickly taking over inside and outside the kosher world. Smash burgers are exactly what they sound like, with the theory being that the smashing improves the meat’s contact with the heat source, without the loss of the meat’s moisture.

Smash House is takeout/delivery only and offers their signature smash burgers in addition to some other fun starters and salads. The smash burgers can be ordered as a single or double smash, or alternatively the loaded smash which is served topped with caramelized onions and beef bacon.

Other dishes include popcorn chicken, wings, a blooming onion and dirty fries (topped with brisket and chef’s special sauce).

>>> Click here for the Smash House menu

Smash House is located at 1550 NE 164th St, North Miami Beach, FL. It is kosher certified by Kosher Miami.

Making a smash burger