6 Jewish Foods Every Tourist Should Try In Israel

There are one million reasons to visit Israel this year. One of the simplest and most attractive reasons is Jewish food. If you aren’t familiar with kosher and in general with Israeli food, visiting this corner of our planet will surely become your best opportunity to try different flavors and discover new superb recipes that you will want to eat over and over.

The Greatest Reasons To Visit Israel

First and foremost, let’s spend a few words about the most brilliant reasons for visiting Israel. You probably want to discover the most ancient cities of human history – well, Israel is the place that you are looking for. Jerusalem is not only a city that lives on religion, but it’s also the holiest city in the Middle East. It’s actually holy for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. It’s probably the only place in this world where all these three different religions have something to share.

Are you more likely to visit fervent and young cities with cool nightlife? Again, Israel is the place that is waiting for people like you. Tel Aviv is by far the coolest city in the entire Mediterranean area with its nightclubs, concerts, vibrant discos, and more. Did you know that there’s a casino district in Tel Aviv where almost every tourist goes for thrilling casino games? That would be a smart addition to your travel plan in Israel. And you can also enjoy some of the best sports betting options, in case you are passionate about football, tennis, car racing, volleyball, baseball, basketball, and many more. We suggest you visit a great online resource for sports betting (مراهنات رياضية اون لاين in the Arabic language) to get acquainted with the fervent entertainment industry in the Middle East.

Still looking for a good reason to plan a trip to Israel? If you love nature, Israel can give plenty of different sceneries and landscapes ranging from desert areas to the Dead Sea, very different landscapes with different wildlife to discover for you.

Eating In Israel – Best Foods To Try

Israel is home to different cultures, so you will find a lot of restaurants inspired by Arab cuisine, Jewish cuisine with kosher foods, and a few more. If you are going to travel across Israel, you can’t ignore the following delicious Jewish foods. Once you try one, you will want to learn how to prepare for when you are back home!

  1. Matzoh ball soup
    It’s a chicken soup with tasty balls drenched in it. Matzoh balls are made of eggs, broth, and aka chicken fat, but there are also a few vegan versions of Matzoh ball soup with nutmeg, minced fresh dill, cilantro, and ginger. The Matzoh ball soup is a typical Passover food.
  2. Challah
    Although you may find Challah almost everywhere in local supermarkets, you may also try to prepare it yourself. Challah is an egg-based kind of braided crispy bread with a beautiful dark-gold color on the top. In particular, Challah has to be crispy outside and fluffy inside. Today, you can also find Challah with chocolate chips or raisins. Either way, it’s always a tasty food to have at breakfast.
  3. Borekas
    Borekas are fried pastry pouches filled with potato, spinach, or cheese that are becoming popular also as street food in Israel. You can find different versions of Borekas depending on where in Israel you are, so prepare to try it with onion and lentil or even beef stuffing.
  4. Kugel
    If you love casserole foods, you will certainly fall in love with this Jewish dish. Kugel is usually served on Shabbat and main holidays. As you can imagine, there are several versions of basic Kugel, like potato kugel which looks like a big tater tot, or sweet-noodle Kugels that conjugate the sweet flavor of a dessert with the main course. And you can also find cinnamon or raisin Kugel.
  5. Shakshuka
    According to experts, Shakshuka was brought to Israel by Tunisian (or Lybian) Jews. But there’s no evidence that this food was first made in Tunisia or Lybia. Shakshuka is made with eggs in a spicy tomato sauce almost anywhere in North Africa and the Middle East, but there are also new versions of this recipe with mozzarella cheese and others with vegetables.
  6. Potato latkes
    This food is usually served on Hanukkah and it consists of small potato pancakes fried in abundant oil, which represents the oil Jews used to light the Menorah after the holy temple was desecrated during the conflict against Syrians in 164 BC. The candle of the Menorah stayed lit for 8 days although the oil could be enough for only 1 day. So, latkes are mainly prepared to honor that miracle.


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