6 Food And Kitchen Tips For Guys Who Learn To Cook

It’s not true that preparing food is a job for ladies only – after all, the best cooks in this world are all men, so somewhere men can become excellent experts in cooking and preparing foods of all kinds.

However, a lot of men don’t cook anything when at home due to their culture or lifestyle and this is the case of all those men who live with a woman. But what about men who live alone? Well, they can’t survive hunger pangs eating street food or junk food every day. So, at some point, they must learn how to cook at least a few basic dishes. And that’s also how many guys discover that there was a hidden passion in them for cooking. It happened to regular guys as well as to rock stars, actors, artists, football players, and a lot of men out there. At, you can find more about the latest trends for men, including household tips, fashion tricks, genius hacks for improving your everyday life.

Ready To Start Learning To Cook?

Eating healthy food is not a luxury but a necessity. You can’t eat hamburgers or ready-made meals found in supermarkets. Things are two: either you end up with a strong stomachache or you just get fatter in a few weeks. Never mind because you are alone in your kitchen – what you should focus on is how you can effectively learn how to cook and prepare your best dishes yourself.

First of all, keep in mind the following tips to help you get into the idea of yourself preparing handmade dishes. The sooner you can create a “vision” of yourself preparing food, the sooner you will start eating better and improving your actual quality of life.

  1. Where to start from
    It’s crucial, we know, but somewhere you have to start from. Today, you can find plenty of video tutorials online about Kosher cooking on social media like Youtube and even on Facebook. If you like reading books, you can find quite interesting titles to buy online. Finally, check among the TV shows, there may be great cooking shows for learning how to prepare food yourself.
  2. Invite friends for dinner
    The best way to give yourself extra motivation to prepare food (and prepare it perfectly!) is to have someone else eating with you. Sharing meals boosts your motivation and the level of attention that you put when handling foods. So, when you invite your friends for having dinner with you, tell them not to bring anything… you will cook all the courses yourself!
  3. Calculate time
    Many guys can’t keep control of time. They start preparing food when it’s pretty late in the evening and they end up having dinner when the neighbors are already sleeping. It’s not your fault – it’s quite normal for guys. Learn this tip: almost all recipes feature the cooking time, add half an hour to the cooking time for the specific recipe that you want to try, so you’ll be sure to eat at a decent time.
  4. Missing ingredients
    Oh, no… you’ve just realized that you don’t have an ingredient to prepare that dish… Before you give it up and skip to “plan B”, look for a quick delivery service nearby and request the ingredient that you need, so you can get back to your kitchen and try the recipe that you aim to prepare.
  5. Quantity and quality
    All recipes come with a specific list of ingredients to use and details about how much of each ingredient is needed. When you choose a recipe to try, keep your eyes wide open on the quantity that you need and make sure you don’t buy too much or too few of the needed ingredients. Also, look at the expiration date of the food you buy to be sure it’s fresh.
  6. How to pair drinks
    Once you’ve decided what to cook and you have a good source of information, you can go ahead and think about what to drink. Many recipes offer one or more options for beverages. For example, certain types of meat are paired with red wines, while fish is often paired with white wines. Drinks are especially important when inviting friends for lunch or dinner.

Here’s an extra piece of advice for you: if you have some leftover food, don’t throw it away but eat it the next day. This way, you will save time for cooking again, time, and money all in one place.