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Starbucks’ Rare Unicorn Frappuccino Blended Crème is Kosher*

Launched today, Starbucks Coffee chain has launched a limited edition frappuccino flavor that is only available for 5 days, April 19 – 23rd: Unicorn Frappuccino® Blended Crème.

According to Starbucks, it starts off “sweet and fruity transforming to pleasantly sour.” You can swirl it “to reveal a color-changing spectacle of purple and pink.”

According to the relaunched KosherStarbucks.com, the limited edition flavor is kosher dairy as *certified under the LKO, the Lakewood Kashrus Organization. The Kosher Starbucks website lists all Starbucks products and gives it a number of delineations regarding its kashrut. Some items are certified by both the Star-K and LKO, some are certified by neither, and some are specifically marked as not-kosher.

The Unicorn Frapp is certified kosher by the LKO essentially based on its ingredients, which Starbucks breaks down on its website. The Star-K does not certify this product specifically.

Back in November, the Star-K announced that a core group of Frappuccino flavors were kosher yet again.



[Images by Instagram users Starbucksmex and 1040girl]

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    • Aron, the link you shared does not state that the Star-K says it is not kosher, but rather that the ingredients aren’t certified. In the post here, we specifically stated that the Star-K does not certify this, but LKO of Lakewood does.

    • Jake – In Baltimore, the home of the Star K, the local Dunkin Donuts DO NOT use this group to certify their stores as kosher. An independent rabbi certifies the stores.

      • Alan – while what you have written is true, it is extremely misleading. DD is not cholov yisroel hence they cannot be under the Star-K and when these stores were originally certified (well over 20+ years ago) there was no Star-D. Once Star-D came onto the scene there was no reason for the stores to switch as the current certifying rabbi is well respected within the community and follows kosher standards that are generally accepted.

        • OD – don’t give me with this Cholov Yisrael run-around dance. Originally it was Maryland Kashrus Association then it developed into Star K around 1978. Cholov Yisrael was served when I went to yeshiva in Baltimore. Rabbis Menachem Mendel Poliakoff, zt”l, Shmuel Vitsick, zt”l & one other Rav were the very respected Vaad HaKashrus of Baltimore. If your Rav Hamachshiur doesn’t eat non-CY products then your organization shouldn’t give a hasgacha to these products. Make up a subsidiary so that the so-called “less observant” can eat non CY products – BIZAYON!! The rabbi certifying the DD’s in Baltimore is a respected person and a-political. The latest new twist of last Pesach 5776 was the Ashkenaz kashrut organizations in the US are now giving hashgacha for Kitniyot products.

  • You might want to do a backstory on the “Lakewood Kashrus Organization”. Or, at least, everyone can ask their personal rabbi as to whether this organization meets their community standards.

    • Hey, agreed. Everyone should use this site as a resource and not a replacement for thier rav. If they have concerns they should definitely ask if it meets their standards. We are merely publishing the publicly available info posted from KosherStarbucks.com. Shabbat Shalom.