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✈ Keeping Kosher in Kobe, Japan

Contributed by Sam Adler | Last Date of Travel: March 2008

Kosher Info: There are no kosher restaurants here. The synagogue might be able to provide meals, but buying fruit and bringing your own food is a good idea. 

Tourist Info: Kobe is a must visit on your vacation in Japan.

Here is a quick list of things to do and attractions around Kobe:

  • Visit Choueke Yashiki, a historic mansion filled with memorabilia from every corner of the world.
  • See the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the world’s longest suspension bridge.
  • Climb the Kobe Port Tower. Not literally, but take the elevator to the observation tower for a great view!
  • Check out the Ikuta Shrine, oddly located near the bustling parts of Kobe, by the Sannomiya shopping center of the modern city.

Jewish Info: There is a very nice synagogue in Kobe, run by an American Rabbi Yerachmiel Strausberg with his French wife Tova and their 5 kids. They are delightful, and have been there since 2006.

They get a nice crowd for Shabbat. Many people come in from Osaka for Shabbat. There are a lot of hotels near the shul, which is located in a great part of town. Shabbat walks are a pleasure here. http://www.jcckobe.org

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  • Six years has past since Sam Adler penned the review on kosher travel in Kobe Japan. Up until very recently Sam’s review is still very relevant. Not much had changed.

    But there is a crisis in Kobe

    * Leaky roof, aging building
    * small (but active) membership base, not in a position to pay for the needed repairs. Not to mention stretched to afford a resident Rabbi.
    * little communication with the greater Jewish world.
    * No initiative to provide kosher food outside of Shabbat and Holidays.
    * Passively catering to visitors

    Anyone can see that without action these issues would persist and quite likely get worse.

    Kansai Kosher hopes to rectify one of the issues. Making Kosher food available to tourists. Part of the funds will go back into JCC Kobe to fix the current and hopefully future issues. Will reach out to let the Jewish world know Japan is a tourist and business destination where Jews can find support during their stay.