Matza Fun Tours (Jerry Abramson)

Program Organizer:
Matza Fun Tours (Jerry Abramson)
State / Country:
Long Branch, NJ
Resort Name:
Ocean Place Resort & Spa
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  • Matza Fun Tours is located at Ocean Place Resort & Spa in Long Branch NY-
    55 minutes from New York City.

    The hotel has many different types of guests- Orthodox, modern orthodox, conservative, Chabad and chasidish. Guests have the option of having a community seders or private seders. The kashrus is Glatt kosher, Cholov Yisroel, Gebrokts and Non-Gebrokts and Chasidisha Shechita. BAsiclly, it has
    something for everyone.

    Guests are treated each day to an extravagant and sumptuous breakfast
    buffet filled with hot and cold entrees. During chol hamoed and Yom Tov, guest
    can get omelets made to order in the dining room (that’s my favorite after
    hashkama minyan. Going straight to the omelet bar). Shabbat and Yom Tov lunches offer meat and parve entrees. Chol hamoed dairy lunches are served buffet style and are just as huge as the breakfast buffet. Pizzas and milk shakes are always great go to foods if for some reason you can’t find something you like on the buffet table or regular menu or if your kids are eating it you that day. All dinners are meat but you can also get vegetarian and fish entrees- and I speak from personal experience, the fish is amazing. During chol hamoade, they try to do themes like BBQ or Chinese. Sushi is also a popular option. One night they even had a “Potato Bar”. They also have a decent wine selection. They also have a children’s dining room that has kid-friendly menus- hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, fries, etc. Midnight buffets are also offered where they make Panini’s, omelets, blintzes and other fun foods.

    If that’s not enough Matzafun has a huge tea room with fruits, frozen ices/ice cream, and more candy than you could ever imagine. Hot and cold beverages are available. This year the tea room also included a well-tended bar with lots of kosher for pesach alchohol like arak, sabra, wines, sangria and other liquers. Also, when the weather is nice, the hotel has kidush outside near the beach where there is a beautiful view of the ocean.

    The hotel is not just about food. The benefit of the hotel’s location is that the guests can walk on the boardwalk; play golf; when the weather is nice, go to the beach directly in front of the resort; or drive to Atlantic City, Six Flags Great Adventure, Sandy Hook and Gateway National Recreation area or Tinton Falls Outlet. Not to mention taking advantage of the spa that the hotel has to offer. There are also plenty for teens. Chess matches, pool matches, movies, speakers
    and other fun activities. The hotel also gets impressive speakers for the adults as well. Last year they had a Jewish congressman speak. This year they had a hilarious Jewish comedian- Joel Chasnoff. Another activity for the adults was wine tasting. One day was for red wines. The next day was white wine. Zumba and yoga classes are also offered for adults as well. The swimming pool has separate men’s and women’s swimming hours. There is a day camp for little children as

    Check in and check out is also a pleasant experience. With 700 people, there is the ability to have a slow and painful check in and check out process. I have not
    found this to be true. The reception area works diligently to make sure that the process is as painless as possible. They are also extremely helpful in other ways. Directions- no problem. Your bathroom light was accidently turned off on shabbos- it will be back on by the time you get to your room. Always pleasant. Always smiling. You couldn’t ask for more.

    All in all, if you have the money, Matza Fun Tours is a pleasant way to spend