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Prime-Experience-Passover-Laguna-Beach As Pesach 2014 has just come to a close, we at YeahThatsKosher have been hearing from many of our readers about the various wonderful, exciting, and sometimes challenging experiences you have all had at the various Kosher for Pesach programs you’ve attended around the world.

In order to best display your experiences, we’re asking that each of you leave a detailed comment below the program you attended in our Pesach Program Directory. Each Pesach program has its own listing (if your program is missing from this list, please comment below on this post) for you to click on, allowing you to leave a constructive and detailed comment on you and your family’s experiences this past chag.

In your comment, please attempt to describe the food, programming, overall organization, and any other pros & cons that you’d like your fellow kosher travelers to know about. If you have any constructive feedback for the program’s organizers, this is the place to leave it.


(A Note to Program Organizers: We strongly discourage the organizers of any Pesach program to leave reviews on their own programs or on competitors’ programs. It is unethical, deceitful, and most definitely not kosher. Please ask your program participants to review your program on your behalf. You may however choose to participate in the comments section by engaging in discussion or thanking your customers.)

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