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✈ Keeping Kosher in Calgary, AB (an update)

Not long ago, one of our Canadian writers wrote about keeping kosher, visiting, and finding the Jewish community in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. One of our readers was nice enough to email us with updates to the original post.

Kosher Info (updates):

  • Berel's Bakery is out of business, as is Haifa Deli.
  • The Carriage House bakery (only certain items) and Karen's Cafe are
    still certified kosher, but the orthodox community prefers to prepare
    their own food at home.
  • The Safeway at Glenmore Landing has a small selection of kosher food
    (matzo, grape juice, fish sticks, frozen chicken, shabbos candles, etc).
  • The Superstore at 10505 Southport Road SW has a somewhat larger
    selection of kosher, and seems to be where most people shop.
  • Kalinka currently stocks Calgary's largest selection of frozen meat
    (including convenient pre-cooked chicken nuggets) and Cholov Yisroel
    cheese, as well as various other items.
  • Cholov Yisroel milk is not available in Calgary unless you make
    prior arrangements with Chabad (www.chabadalberta.org).

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Jewish Info (updated):

  • House of Jacob (orthodox) has a world-class Rabbi (Yisroel Miller),
    a mikveh, and offers Shabbat and weekday hospitality. Contact
    [email protected]i.org for info.
  • The conservative shul no longer has a cantor.

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