Starbucks ≠ Kosher … according to the CRC

An updated Guide to Starbucks Beverages issued by the cRc (Chicago Rabbinical Counsel) on March 3rd, 2011, has coffee drinkers jittery, dazed and confused. The cRc recommends that people search elsewhere, i.e. not at Starbucks full service stores (i.e. the stores that serve hot food), for their daily caffeine fix.

However, a careful read of the cRc’s guide indicates that there are leniencies that one can rely on at the regular Starbucks stores. Additionally, based on a post by Chaviva Galatz on her Kvetching Editor blog ( @KvetchingEditor ), the OU seems to still be cool about the Kashruth of many of our favorite Starbucks offerings.

So… Go to your nearest Starbucks, order a hot venti or trenta Pike Place Roast coffee and drink up. That should give you the boost needed to study the confusing list of flavors that are reliably Kosher.

The kosher status of beverages at Starbucks is a constant topic of inquiry. The following list of approved beverages, compiled by the Orthodox Union (OU), provides the guidance that can avoid the confusion and answer most questions.


    All Plain Brewed Coffees
    Café Latte
    Café Misto
    Clover Brewed Coffee
    Decaf Pike Peak Roast

FLAVORED LATTE (hot or iced)

    Irish Cream
    Caramel – regular and sugar free (not the topping)
    Cinnamon Dolce- regular and sugar free (not the topping)
    Cinnamon Syrup
    Classic/Simple Coconut
    Dark Cherry
    Hazel nut – regular and sugar free
    Natural Almond Peppermint – regular and sugar free
    Raspberry – regular and sugar free
    Toffee Nut
    Valencia Vanilla – regular and sugar free

Whipped cream at every store needs to be checked by the consumer.

    –By Moshe Billet

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