Pardes: Great Food, Simple to Spicy … in #Brooklyn [Guest Review]

Last updated: December 31, 2013

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A great restaurant should be like a great album — wildly original, with a few really loud courses and a few really subtle courses and some in between, but everything pulsing with creativity and newness, like the menu at Pardes. Even the simple things (like French fries, served with house-made red-wine kechup and truffle mayo) are good enough to write home about. And the more complex things — like beef tartare; salmon-spinach gnocchi; and spicy-smokey chicken wings with a special hot sauce that you inject yourself — are each worth a letter on their own.

Pardes is located at: 497 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (2 blocks off Flatbush Avenue)

Thank you to our guest reviewer: Matthue Roth.

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