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New Pizza Place in Queens, NY: Pizzamania

Just in time for the 9 days, Pizzamania recently opened in Flushing, Queens! Certified kosher by the Va’ad HaRabbanim of Queens, all we know is that they serve pizza :) If you stop by, comment below with more details!

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Raffaello: New Kosher Pizza in Midtown, NYC

We would like to formally introduce Raffaello Pizza, the new kid on the block (46th between 5th and 6th to be exact), to the Kosher NYC pizza scene! Jerusalem Cafe and Bravo Pizza are no longer the only options for pizza-seeking Kosher keepers in Midtown, NYC! Raffaello is unique in that it’s serving only authentic Italian pizza and dishes. (The nice owner […]

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Sabra Pizza in 5 Towns to Close

After 41 years serving the 5 Towns Jewish community on Central Ave (and thousands of HAFTR students), Sabra Pizza will be closing it’s doors on Feb 18th, 2013. Not long after Ruthie’s, next door, closed and became incorporated into the Sabra restaurant, the largest of the area’s kosher pizza shops will be gone. Remaining on […]

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A Review of Bravo Pizza on Broadway, NYC

Contributed by Estee Lavitt (@EsteeLavitt)   I went to Bravo Pizza a few weeks ago. The pizza was delicious but the service was really not up to par. The store itself is pretty small. The staff was very friendly and nice, but unfortunately a little slow and unable to handle the crowd. I don't think […]

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J2 Pizza in NYC is Closing; Reopening Nearby as “Jerusalem Cafe”

"Broadway's Jerusalem 2" Pizza (J2) , now formerly "The Most Famous Kosher Pizza Place in the World", will be closing its doors in it's once popular location on Broadway in Midtown Manhattan. Why? We can't say for sure, but the amount of competition recently (re: Bravo Pizza Becomes Kosher in NYC), coupled with declining quality […]

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Kosher Pizza Wars in Midtown Manhattan Heats Up: Bravo Pizza & J2 Making Moves

In the past few days, a new Kosher Pizza place appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan on Broadway and W37th st. Bravo Pizza, a long time next door neighbor of Kosher Delight, has decided to go Kosher, kashering its entire store, now with an OK Supervision (Cholov Yisroel). The restaurant […]

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Coming Soon to LA: Berry & Basil

Kosher foodies who love Italian should expect an overdose of it at Berry & Basil, combining Italian Gelato and Pizza under one roof (hopefully not on the same plate!). Berry & Basil will feature 3 machines (serving 6 flavors) that will carry “Berri Good” (Cholov Yisroel) Gelato and frozen yogurt, which will be self serve […]

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Skokie’s Malibu Pizza & Pasta has Closed

We have learned that a couple weeks ago, the owner of Malibu Pizza and Pasta restaurant in Skokie, Ken Hechtman (also the owner of next door Ken’s Diner), has decided to shut its doors lacking not enough community interest. “Sadly, the Chicago religious community does not support their kosher restaurants,” he said. “The lack of […]

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Best of Kosher Chicago

On Twitter and Facebook, we often get asked for recommendations of the best restaurants or more specifically “what’s the best (fill in cuisine here) in (fill in location here)?” This is the first of many follow ups to the “Best of Kosher” series starting with New York. Thank you to Daniel Peikes, local Chicago foodie, […]

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NEW Kosher Pizza in Skokie, IL: EJ’s Pizzeria

Congrats Chicago! More deep dish pizza for you in Skokie. Although you could opt for those regular NY style slices that everyone loves as well. EJ’s caters and offers free wifi! That’s a first for a kosher pizzeria. I’m impressed. If you try ‘em, let us know how it is! Thank you Lisette from Chicago […]

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What the %#*^ is Happening to Kosher Restaurants in Brooklyn?

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time in Brooklyn and I’ve been noticing some odd and some disturbing things. Here are 3 things I’ve recently experienced, 2 last night, and one Purim night. On Purim night after the megillah, and after my son finally fell asleep, my wife and I decided to go out […]

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Jerusalem 2 Pizza (NYC) Temporarily Closed (again)

The details are not yet available, but we will continue to update this post as the details become clear. It appears to be a crack down by the NYC Health Dept. h/t to @Koshertopia for reporting this.

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Kosher “take-out” Pizza to open in University Heights, Cleveland – Top It Off Pizza

Kosher observant Clevlanders are getting excited as their city council just voted in favor of allowing them to open a Kosher Pizza place (with curbside pickup) in University Heights. Top It Off Pizza will be based out of Heights Jewish Center, 14270 Cedar Road, Cleveland, OH 44121 Source: http://blog.cleveland.com

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