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Free WiFi in Tel Aviv = Happy Tourists!

Tel Aviv is setting up 80 WiFi hot spots at local beaches, parks, and other tourist attractions around the city!  Ron Huldai, the mayor of Tel Aviv, stated that the city was a “leader in innovation” in this 21st century era where free internet access is an almost expected basic service. If you are around […]

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New Hotel to Be Built at Terminal 3 in Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv

The Israel Airports Authority has recently approved the construction of a hotel within Ben Gurion International Airport. As is customary, there are usually multiple hotels near an airport in order to accommodate flight crews, professionals, and tourists. This hotel will cater to the niche of tourists whose needs haven’t been met thus far– the people […]

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Help Me Plan My Trip to Israel

This winter I'll be traveling to Israel (thank you really cheap fares from El Al) and want to spend time in Tel Aviv, Eilat, and of course, Jerusalem.  It's unclear as to how long I'm going to spend in each area, but let's assume at least 3-4 days in TA, 2 days in Eilat, and […]

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Flying via Amsterdam to Israel – Tips for your Stopover

Earlier this year, I flew KLM/Delta to Israel, with a nice 8+ hour stopover in Amsterdam. I liked this option as it gave me the opportunity to leave the AMS airport and explore the city. In the short time there I managed to figure out exactly how to (using public transportation only) get to the […]

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Café Yonita in Tel Aviv [Review]

On our third day in Israel, we headed over to check out Tel Aviv and Yafo. We met up with a friend of Dani's (Jonah) who made Aliyah and lives in Tel Aviv. He showed us around the streets of Tel Aviv and took us to the Nachalat Binyamin Artists market, which they have on […]

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Cinnabon is Opening a Kosher Shop in Tel Aviv!

If you’re like me, you drool every time you pass a Cinnabon shop in the U.S. The way those cinnamon buns smell and look make me hungry and want to skip lunch just to try them. So we’re excited to report that Cinnabon is opening a Kosher shop in Tel Aviv by Rabin Square at […]

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Tel Aviv Listed as #3 City to Visit in 2011 by Lonely Planet

We’re really excited by Lonely Planet’s pick of Tel Aviv as the #3 city to visit this year, albeit, we are not shocked. Tel Aviv is super cosmopolitan, culture-rich, bustling with day and nightlife, both modern and historical, and has places for us Kosher travelers to eat and enjoy Israeli / Middle Eastern cuisine. Please […]

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Cute and Kosher in Tel Aviv: Cafe Birnbaum

Don’t let the name, Cafe Birnbaum, confuse you. Yes, they serve coffee (good too!) and the usual cakes, cookies and croissants, but Cafe Birnbaum is essentially a restaurant. We “discovered” it during our Friday morning walks in the old part of town, and used to drop in for a fragrant double espresso and a slice […]

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Restaurants with Sukkot 2010

CLICK HERE: UPDATED FOR 2013   This list was compiled by our community of Kosher travelers. Thank you to everyone to contributed! (There is no doubt that this list is incomplete. If there are restaurants that are not listed that have a Sukkah, please comment below.) To get YeahThatsKosher updates via email, click here. Find us […]

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JetBlue & EL AL Announce U.S. – Israel Interline Partnership

Hey guys, I just saw the following announcement online, and I was super thrilled! So, whatever your thoughts on JetBlue or EL AL, you can’t deny that this is extremely convenient, especially for those Americans who find that in order to get to Israel they had to fly to New York anyways. Now, it’s all […]

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Kosher Chinese Restaurants · 洁净中国餐馆 · מסעדות סיניות כשרות

There is now a silly tradition that many Americans hold Christmastime each year… to indulge in Chinese cuisine. Since the Chinese do not celebrate Christmas, like us Jews, their restaurants have no need to take a hiatus on Xmas day. In honor of this wacky tradition, we’ve compiled a list of Chinese restaurants (both sit-down […]

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Open for Passover 2009 in Tel Aviv / Yaffo

Jews the world over are traveling around to friends, family, or to new locations this Passover. While it is typically impossible to find kosher restaurants or eateries open for Passover, here are a few that I’ve found that will be open this year on Chol Hamoed (intermediary days of Passover): Note: Israel is an interesting […]

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