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My Favorite [Kosher Restaurant] Meals of 2014

When looking through my Instagram feed, I realized I had some amazing dishes from all over this past year. Here are my favorite dishes from kosher restaurants in NYC, LA, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Uruguay. Here they are in chronological order: Day 5 Sushi – Brooklyn, NY Tuna Pizza … delicious appetizer with robust flavors […]

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The Kosher Restaurant Trends of 2013

Over the last few years we’ve been noticing lots of changes and improvements in the kosher restaurant world, and while many of the trends below focus majorly on happenings in the metro NYC area, these are trends that we believe will have an impact on restaurants beyond the large Jewish enclave in the American Northeast and […]

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Kosher Restaurants with Sukkot 2013: GLOBAL LIST

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2014 LIST Keeping kosher is a challenge observant Jews already face, but finding a sukkah to have your meal, or finding a restaurant that already has a sukkah can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you, by compiling all of the known kosher restaurants […]

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Buyer Beware: “Restaurant.com” Certificates for Kosher Restaurants

I purchased 2 Restaurant.com certificates (discounts) to a Kosher restaurant in my area (at the recommendation of DansDeals.com back in January) . It’s the only kosher restaurant in my area that is offering certificates on this website. The restaurant decided to leave the program and in an email I received from the website, I can […]

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6 Best Winter Destinations for 2013

The arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere doesn't have to mean months of being stuck indoors. Many kosher travelers head down south towards warmer climates as soon as the thermometer hits below 70°F, while others hit the slopes to breathe in the cool air and cut loose in fresh snow. Here are five fantastic […]

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Kosher Restaurants @ New York & Los Angeles Restaurant Weeks 2012

This week starts the 20th annual NYC Restaurant Week, sponsored by American Express (offering cash back when using your AMEX card and signing up), which is actually more like 3 weeks (20 days) in NYC, and 12 days in LA. Many people having been tweeting us (via @YeahThatsKosher) and asking us on Facebook, which of […]

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Marky’s in Toronto, Set to Close This Week

Long a mainstay in the Toronto Jewish community, Marky's Deli & Restaurant has been around since 1969 (that's 43 years for those not doing the math), and will close this Wednesday, July 18th. The economy was cited as a reason for closing by the stores owners. Recently, Toronto has lost nearly all of its Kosher […]

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Discussing the Best Kosher Restaurants in South Florida

As I prepare to head down to the Miami Beach area, I made sure to discuss my options since the last time I was down there was Pesach 3.5 years ago, and nearly all restaurants were closed. I’ll be sure to write a follow up post on my experiences in the region soon. View the […]

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Best of Kosher Chicago

On Twitter and Facebook, we often get asked for recommendations of the best restaurants or more specifically “what’s the best (fill in cuisine here) in (fill in location here)?” This is the first of many follow ups to the “Best of Kosher” series starting with New York. Thank you to Daniel Peikes, local Chicago foodie, […]

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Keeping Kosher in San Diego, California

Contributed by: Alon Asefovitz  |  Last Date of Travel: September 2011 Kosher Food: There are many caterers in the area that provide food for hotels and the like, but places to eat out are hard to find. A few months ago the meat deli/grocery suffered an electrical fire which burnt the place down so if […]

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Finding Kosher Restaurants in Jerusalem’s Old City (Jewish Quarter)

Contributed by: Dani Klein | Last Date of Travel: June 2011 Kosher Info: The title of this post is kind of misleading in that you're definitely going to find kosher places to eat in the Old City. In the Jewish Quarter that is. Don't expect to find anything kosher in the Christian, Muslim, or Armenian […]

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Recent Kosher Restaurant News 6/28/11

Random Kosher News: Kosher Food Available @ Wimbledon from Chabad in London Kosher Restaurant Closings: Prime Sushi (Both Locations) in Miami, FL H&H Bagels in NYC Shalom Bombay in Teaneck, NJ Kosher Restaurant Openings: Milk Street Café in NYC on Wall St. Cinnabon in Tel Aviv Maoz Vegetarian in NYC on the UES Soom Soom […]

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3 Reasons Why Kosher Restaurants Fail

I stumbled upon this great post by the blog, THE REBBETZIN’S HUSBAND (see below), that truly epitomizes the Kosher marketplace, which points out that consumers and owners of Kosher restaurants have a lot to work on. The reason I am posting this is because I truly believe that as Kosher consumers, we need to do […]

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Kosher Restaurant DEAL in Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY

Click on the deal to purchase it. Nu Café 47 — Brooklyn — 50% OFFSpend $5, Get $10 worth of food Deal ends Saturday night!http://www.nucafe47.net4709 New Utrecht AvenueBrooklyn, NY 11219(718) 871-4747

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A Lost Kosher Opportunity in South Florida

On occasion I would read Kosher articles by industry expert Menachem Lubinsky, founder of Kosherfest. He recently wrote in his Sixth Sense blog on KosherToday.com about a missing opportunity for Kosher businesses in South Florida, specifically to accommodate the droves of North Eastern Jews flying south for the Winter (Break) – but let’s be honest […]

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Café Joe opens Kosher branch in #Jerusalem

This article was originally posted to: Jpost Café Joe, which had earned a name for itself among coffee connoisseurs in Tel Aviv, has opened a kosher branch in Jerusalem. When it was established in 1997, Cafe Joe was not much more than a small neighborhood coffee shop on Hahashmonaim Street in Tel Aviv, dishing out […]

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